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Is Kane going to win a title soon?


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Is Chavo Guerrero gonna become General manager? That's impossable to know unless you watch the show every Monday. The answer is I don't know, watch and wait


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No He lost because one of Kane's arms was on edge when edge also pinned Kane so the referee handed Kane the title

Everyone expects undertaker will win so by my personal opinion and the general custom of wwe Kane will win the match

There is not way to tell who will win, but Kane is the favorite to win that match.

No they are not going to win the world cup soon.

rey mysterio cause hes gonna 619 Kane foshoo

mvp will retain the us title umaga will retain the ic title orton will win the bullrope match carlito will win Candice will retain the title Morrison will retain the title khali will retain the title, & Cena will retain the title

Kane is much stronger, smarter, and more powerful. So Kane would win.

To win the match and get Kane out.

orton will win the wwe title taker will be 16-0

jack swagger DID win it but i fort Kane or Matt hardy would

Kane will obviously win, Muhhammad Ali is to old. <3

MASKED KANE masked Kane for sure

yes they are because AJ Lee is helping Kane to win his WWE Title and they care about each other because they are true love when DBryan Prpose to aj kane would do that to her aswell from hi soul and his heart

Punk, Christian, Rey mysterio, MVP, Jerishow, Kane, DX, and Randy Orton

I think Randy Orton will injure John Cena and Randy Orton will be awarded the WWE Title at No Mercy by Vince McMahon. I think Triple H will win the title from him about ten minutes after awarded the title. I think Triple H will fight Umaga for the WWE Title and succesfully win, then the last man standing match, where Orton will win the title.

It depends on if he can get a #1 Contenders Shot. Either that, or he can win the MONEY IN THE BANK.

Yes, I will win some money very soon. I am going to have an over abundance of money. It will be flowing in and out of my hands like water.

He did the Tombstone Pile Driver twice on Kane to win.

Yes, Patrick Kane won the Stanley Cup.

Real madrid going to carmenoy title tenth

Either John Cena or Edge because Edge is going to return and win the 2010 royal rumble match

No. He did win Best Screenplay for Citizen Kane.

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