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Q: Is Karratha above the 26th parallel?
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Is leinster above the 26th parallel?

Leinster, the province in Ireland, is above the 26th parallel.

Is Perth WA above or below 26th parallel?

Perth is below the 26th parallel. The 26th parallel is a circle of latitude that is 26° south of the equator. Examples of location are: Town of Kalbarri is south of the 26th parallel; and Town of Denham is north of the 26th parallel.

In what state of Australia is Karratha?

Karratha is in northwestern Western Australia.

What is the airport code for Karratha Airport?

The airport code for Karratha Airport is KTA.

Is Busselton below the 26th parallel?


When was Karratha Senior High School created?

Karratha Senior High School was created in 1972.

What is Karratha Senior High School's motto?

Karratha Senior High School's motto is 'Towards tomorrow'.

Where does the 26th parallel cross Queensland?

south of rockhampton duaringa

How far is it from Christmas Island to Karratha Australia?

The distance from Christmas Island to Karratha in Western Australia is approximately 1654 kilometres.

Is Karratha in Western Australia a town or a city?

Karratha, Western Australia, is still classified as a town. It has a population of just under 12,000 people.

Distance between exmouth and karratha?


Is the tropic of Capricorn on the 26th parallel?

No. It's between the 23rd and 24th South ones.