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Q: Is Kritika Kamra sindhi
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What is the Sindhi word for welcome?

The Sindhi word for 'welcome' is "Bhali karay aaya".

How do you say i miss you in Sindhi?

i miss you

Gulshan khatri kis cast mai aate hai?

GULSHAN KHATRI "Sindhi" & "Muslim" caste mein aate hain........

How do Najab and Fatima prove the success of love across the salt desert?

"The Rann of Kutch is a vast, lonely desert, almost impossible to cross, yet some people do cross it for reasons of their own." Yes, Najab Hussain wanted to be with someone he loved and mentally he had already reached his destination uniting him with 'hoor-eyed' Fatima, the daughter of the spice-seller much before he could physically meet her overcoming every fatal impediment across the salt desert.Najab crossed the border to reach Pakistan and met Fatima there. Though it was not that easy for Najab to fight shy of Zaman, the cross-border trafficker, and the strict invigilance of Indus Ranger, yet gathering all strength of mind Najab did it. His life was at stake, but he did not bother. The sand storm could not keep him away from being flooded with exuberant feelings of love."At one level of consciousness he knew that this was madness."In the recent past, in one occasion, while journeying with his father, Najab had an opportunity to meet Fatima for the first time. At the very first sight, Fatima's fascinating eyes did not take seconds to convince Najab about the most important discovery that he was no more to be called an 'introvert' who, with his dreamy eyes, ventured out for the sake of his love, Fatima."What would he not do for her, the daughter of the spice-seller; she who smelt of cloves and cinnamon, whose laughter had the timbre of ankle-bells, whose eyebrows were like black wisps of the night and whose hair was the night itself? For her he would cross the salt desert."Najab was inspired with a feeling of success as he saw that according to the religious custom, the food offered by him to the Panchmai Pir on the hilltop happened to have been eaten up by the Jackals. Najab felt blessed and was set out for his journey. He believed firmly that the lamp lighted in the Pir's honour at every night on the hilltop would enlighten his hope. Najab's ignorance about of the unfair means of crossing the Pakistan border was major mistake that could take his life. The BSF people at the Pakistan border started firing and chasing after him for a mile and then came the sand-storm that kept away the hunters saving Najab's life."Najab was in a trance now, events flashing past him like figures on the screen."Najab waited for the night to veil his identity and then hobbled across a mile's distance on his toe to reach the clove-seller's door. Fatima heard the soft call and her glistening eyes wordlessly spoke of her elated heart as she silently opened the door and found Najab standing outside.The gold bangle given by Najab's mother kept the hardcore businessman, Kaley Shah busy with buying cloves for Najab who, finding Kaley Shah snoring in deep and profitable sleep, did not waste time to set for his return journey to Kutch. But this time he was not alone. Deep in her heart Fatima knew why Najab's offered her to experience a maiden test-drive on Allahrakha across the Runn. Her silent approval to such offer reciprocated Najab's indomitable free-flowing confidence. They knew it pretty well that no geographical border could hold them back."For her it meant just a shift in dialect,a smear of Kutchi added and a little of Sindhi sandpapered away."They reached Khavda carrying with them the blissful love among the rain drops that came rattling down to quench the thirst of the land after three years of drought. Thus Najab and Fatima proved the success of love across the salt desert.