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Not really a good college as compared to iist(indore) and Acropolis...

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Q: Is LNCT indore a good college?
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What is the college code of lnct indore?


Positon of lnct indore?

It's the best private college in indore... And among the top 3 college of indore.

When was LNCT Indore created?

LNCT Indore was created in 2004.

Compare between Vaishnav Engineering college Indore and LNCT Bhopal which is the best?

Vaishnav is far much better than LNCT,BHOPAL

Which college is best through mp pet?

SGSITS Indore is d best frm mp pet followed by IET DAVV Indore and RGPV , Oriental n LNCT bhopal

Last year placement of lnct indore?

none, its one of the worst college in india.. I spent 4 worst yrs in that college (2006-10) and nw I m in US with God's grace doing my MS.. I am telling you studying in LNCT ,indore was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. The college sucks with no placements.. faculties are dupe and management does dupery to get your money...

Top 10 eng college in mp?

1.manit,bhopal 2.sgsits,indore 3.davv,indore 4.IIST Indore 5.jabalpur college of engineering 6.vidisha engineering college 7.medicaps,indore 8.ips,indore 9.vaishnav,indore,gwalior

What is the code of lnct college?


Top 10 private engineering collage in mp?

01. IIST Indore 02. LNCT, Bhopal 03. Truba, Indore 04. Vaishnav, Indore 05. Oriental, Bhopal 06. IPS Academy , Indore 07. mit Indore 08. ITM Gwalior 09. Medicaps, Indore 10. TIT Main, Bhopal

What is the college code of LNCT bhopal?


What is the code of lnct college-bhopal?


Which is better college nirma university in ahemdabad or sgsits in indore?

sgsits indore better than nirma , sgsits is a government college & also has a good reputation.