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Is Lambeau Field heated?


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January 21, 2008 1:54AM

Yes, I was watching HBO "Inside The NFL" and while they were discussing Vince Lombardi leaving the Assistant Coaching job with the Giants and becoming Head Coach at Green Bay, the commentator said so. You know, the commentator with the famous voice that remains nameless as the source. "...The Green Bay Packers use a similar system to heat the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. The field heating process begins in the facility's mechanical room. There, enormous amounts of water are heated to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated water is treated with antifreeze and a series of pumps distributes the water through 16 miles of specially-designed plastic tubing. The water passes through the tubing, which lies just six inches below the turf and heats the playing surface. Along the plastic tubing, electric sensors are placed throughout the field to monitor the temperature of the ground. The sensors are connected to a master controller which tells the boilers and pumps to turn on and off, thus maintaining a proper temperature in the tubing and on the playing surface. This radiant field heating system is crucial to the maintenance of the practice field. It doesn't just keep the players toes toasty. It helps the growth of the turf's root system and prevents cold, brittle turf from being torn up by the players' spiked shoes. That means less injuries due to cold and brittle turf and no more having to replace torn-up chunks of turf weekly. Since torn turf often leads to very severe injuries and because replacing turf weekly can be very costly, the field heating system is a huge asset..."

Note that Lambeau has over 30 miles of piping under the field compared to the 16 miles at Chicago. The system was first installed on the Clarke Hinkle practice field the year before and was deemed successful enough to install on the stadium field the next year (2007, I believe).