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no there's plenty for kids to do here...i myself am only 14 and i have a brother who is 9 we've lived here all our lives and found it fun if you know where to go the best places are -Adventuredome inside circus circus -gameworks -and the NY,NY arcade

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โˆ™ 2007-08-14 03:13:54
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Q: Is Las Vegas a bad place to bring kids for vacation?
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What perfect vacation should you bring your kids to?

the perfect place is the amusement ark

What are some good places to take kids on vacation?

orlando florida is one of the best place to bring kids to vacation. the disney land pose all the kids fascinate about fairy tale life. the animal kingdom is really educational when it comes to living things and the epcot center for scienc and technology

Is Las Vegas a good place for kids?

yeah never let them leave your site

Where should you take your kids on vacation?

A great place for a kids vacation is the Great Wolf Lodge! An indoor water park is included and there are so many fun things for the entire family there!

Why is Hawaii a good place to visit?

Hawaii is a good place to live because it is relaxing and it is a good place to get away of your kids or have a nice relaxing vacation

What is the importance of environment in tourism?

The environment of any given area is what will draw the tourism into that area. If you want a wild and crazy environment, you go to Vegas (baby). The environment is based on the idea that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... You want a adult vacation in an adult environment, Vegas works. Kids may prefer Disneyland due to the environment that is built for kids enjoyment. You would hardly take kids to the nightclubs in Vegas, nor does my 27 year old want to see the "It's a small world" ride. The environment that is there is for children.

Should you make your kids do chores on vacation?

If your kids are home on summer vacation than yes they should still do their chores. If your family is away on vacation, your kids deserve a break from chores.

What is the percentage of kids who sleep in during summer vacation?

76% of kids sleep in during summer vacation others are out on vacation where their parents want them to get up and do "fun" activites.

Why do kids have a vacation on spring break?

Some kids but overall yes.

What are the best things for kids to do in Las Vegas?

well the best thing in las Vegas is the national parks

Is there a kids casino in Las Vegas?

There are no casinos in Las Vegas, or anywhere else in Nevada, for anyone under the age of 21. There are no gambling casinos for kids, but there is a circus circus in Vegas and Reno which has a separate huge arcade that is made for kids only.....there past time while you gamble :]

What Las Vegas hotels cater to families with kids?

Circus Circus offers lots of activities for children, including game arcades to keep them busy for hours. In general, though, it depends on the ages of the kids and what your goals are with regard to a family vacation. Check out for ideas.

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