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There is no intention of the Broadway musical to close any time soon. It's in its 10th year, and is still one of the most successful shows on Broadway, grossing over $1 million each week.

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Who produced The Lion King musical?

The Lion King musical is produce by Disney Theatrical.

When was The Lion King - musical - created?

The Lion King - musical - was created in 1997.

Who directed the Lion King musical?

The Lion King stage musical was originally directed by Julie Taymor.

Who has the rights to the Lion King musical?

Disney Theatrical Productions has the rights to The Lion King stage musical.

What font is used for the Lion King -the musical?

The Lion King

Audience size of the Lion King?

the lion king musical is family show, audience of the lion king are parents and children.

When was lion king and the musical written?

Walt Disney Lion king was wrote in 1990 i guess and the lion king was inspired by the Walt Disney Lion king.

Animation musical is called The King?

lion king

What is the choregrapher in Lion King?

Garth Fagan was the choreographer of The Lion King stage musical.

Who choreographed the musical king and i?

Garth Fagan choreographed Broadway the lion king musical

Who is Scar in The Lion King Musical?

Scar is the villain in Lion King Part I He is the brother of Mufasa (The King) and the uncle of Simba (The Lion King)

In which year did The Lion King musical start?

The Lion King musical started in 1997 and the first two shows were in Minneapolis and Broadway. The lion King play was written by Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi.

Who choreographed the Lion King?

The original choreographer for the Lion King stage musical was Garth Fagan.

Where in Disney World park is lion king musical?

Festival of the Lion King is at Animal Kingdom.

What is Lion King the musical about?

It is basically the same as Walt Disney's version of the Lion King, though there are minor changes in the musical, such as gender changes of characters and additional musical sequences.

Who wrote the script for the Lion King the musical?

I did

Was there a costume designer for the musical lion king before Julie Teymor?

No, there wasn't any costume designer for The Lion Kingstage musical before Julie Taymor and Michael Curry, the initial costume designers for The Lion King stage musical in 1997.

Who choreographed the muscial The Lion King?

The original choreographer for the Lion King stage musical was Garth Fagan.

Who playwrote the Lion King?

Roger Allers and Irene Meechi were the playwrights for The Lion King stage musical.

Do the people talk in the Lion King Musical?

Yes... they do.

What props are used in the Lion King musical?


Who composed Lion King musical?

Elton John

Who did the music for the Lion King musical?

Zain bikha

How many Tony Awards has The Lion King won?

The Lion King musical won six Tony Awards.

How old was roger allers when he wrote lion king and the musical?

at the age of 40 he wrote the story of lion king