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Is MBA higher than BA?


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Yes, most people seeking an MBA will have a BA already (or a BS). It is a graduate degree, where as BA is an undergraduate degree.

An MBA is a Master's degree (of Business Administration). A BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree. A BS is Bachelor of Science.


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No. An MBA is a Master's of Buisness Administration, which is higher than a Bachelor's degree, which is higher than and Associate's degree.

Yes, you are eligible to do MBA in law after doing BA in business administration.

Yes. Many MBA programs actively seek and accept graduates BA or BS of psychology.

A BS degree is not higher than a BA degree. Both of the degrees require you to have a four year college degree.

An MBA is a Masters in Business Administration degree which is a post-graduate degree. A BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree which is an undergraduate degree.

No the worth of both the degree's are equal.

5% with MS/MA/MBA. Only 25% have a BA/BS.

BA degree holder can do

because it lower than Ba as you go down ionization energy increases

from what i have read. i don't think you can. u can top up to a honours ba and maybe after that an MBA

A MA degree is higher than a BA degree. A BA degree only requires 4 years of college. A MA degree requires 6 years at college.

A bachelor's degree (whether a BA or BS) is a prerequisite for entrance to the MBA. You will have to inquire at your school of choice as to the prerequisite coursework. MBA with BA - First of all your need to complete bachelor degrees first. No matter whether this is Arts, Commerce or Science. You need to score well. This helps you getting chance in reputed universities for MBA admission. (You need to pass entrance test first)

Both the degrees have there own important. CA is 50 times more tough than MBA. CA qualified individual earn a lot when compare to the MBA student. But again it depends on geographical location. If the demand of MBA is high we will get a higher pay check.

I would not look at it in terms of being better, it's just a more advanced degree. If your intentions are to move into executive leadership, the MBA is something you should seriously consider.

You can get your MBA at college after you have already obtained your BA. This diploma requires two more years of college after your graduate with your Bachelors degree.

BTech students shouldn't spoil his carrier in MBA. If your aim is MBA than you should do BA, B Com, BSc or BBA. Because you are to spend a huge amount of fees in BTech which will be worthless if you choose MBA, and it's non technical stream...

I think a BA is a Bachelors in Arts and an MBA is a Masters in Business Associates. BA is for artists, and MBAs are for people in business There are two general types of degrees, BS and BA, BS is a Bachelors in Science, what that basically means is you will be doing more hands on, like doctors, engineers, etc. BA is Bachelors in Arts, this means that you will be doing more with the mind, like teachers, music, art, chefs, etc. An MBA is Masters in Business Administration, this doesn't mean you have to be a teacher, all it means is that you have a more advance degree in a specialized area than a bachelors. a bachelors takes 4 years to complete and a masters (including pre-requisites) takes about 2 additional years. Pay and job availability is a lot higher for someone with a masters degree. Check online on a few university's websites to get the requirements and other information.

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. A BS degree (Bachlor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) are equally acceptable first degrees and should have no bearing on admissions decisions.

Well if you take b.a economics you can pursue mba of you want but if you have taken b.a english i dont think you have a chance of doing mba sorry. just consult a professional if you want...

It is graduation in UP.Basudev SharmaBA, DME, MBA (Operation)

You are free to do MBA in HR after doing BA in English literature. You can have some advantages also if you are an extraordinary student in literature. A good literature student can pierce into the psyche of the counterpart; and that is what we covet in an HR executive!

Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

I Have exp 8 yrs job in professional life.My higher qualification is i think i need a higher tell me after DBM CAN I DO MBA

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