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Q: Is Matter always retains its original state?
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What makes matter retain it's state?

Temperature is the most common reason matter retains it's state.

Which state of matter has a shape of its own?

A solid retains it's shape.

How the state circuit court obtain jurisdiction to consider the merits of a case?

If the case is a violation of that state's laws, the state Circuit Court is the court of original jurisdiction and automatically retains jurisdiction.

Does matter always retain it's original state?

No. Temperature change is most common for changes in states of matter.

Does the state of matter effect the amount of matter?

No, The state of matter only affects its' concentration. No matter what state matter is in, it will always have the same mass (assuming it doesn't drip or float away). However, the state of matter can affect the area or volume of matter.

What state of matter will always take the shape and volume of its container?

the state of matter that changes shape when placed in a different container is water

What is the original state of matter of chlorine?

The original state of matter of chlorine is gas. Chlorine is a halogen, of which group there are only one element is solid at room temperature (Bromine) and one a liquid (Iodine).

Does matter always have to change to another state when heated?


How does expansion and contraction of matter differ from a change in state of matter?

the matter always stays the same, expansion and contraction just means the matter is becoming more/less spread out from one another. A change in the state of matter is turning from solid-liquid-gas. The amount of matter always stays the same!

What was the original state capital of New Jersey before Trenton?

it was always Trenton

Which statement is not true about state supreme courts?

the ruling of state supreme courts are always the final judgment on a matter.

When matter changes state what two things are always conserved?

Mass and chemical composition