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no she is his ex-girlfriend. athena caught posidon and her in athenas temple and turned her into a monster

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Medusa used to be beutiful and was poseidons girlfriend and the couple went to athenas temple and athena felt disrespected so she put a curse on medusa making her ugly and cruel

Poseidon was the child of Titans Kronos (or Cronus or Cronos) and Rhea.

No, but some legends say that Pegasus was her child.

No, for Pegasus and Khrysaor spring from her blood when Perseus killed Medusa.

Poseidons wife was Amphirtrite a sea nymph and a daughter of Nereus a titan of the sea.Some of Poseidons other wives were, Medusa, Scylla, and Pasiphaen, queen of Crete.Poseidon had many other wives but Amphirtrite was his main wife. They had a son named Triton, who had the body of a man and the legs of a fish.

Poseidons Personality was very short tempered

the function of Poseidons temple was for Poseidons honor.

Pegasus' family is the gorgon, Medusa ( MUM ) an Greek God Poseidon (DAD). Brother Chrysaor. Grandpearents are Cronus and Rhea (POSEIDONS SIDE) and Phorcys and Ceto ( MEDUSAS SIDE).

No, she was daughter of the ancient sea deities Ketô and Phorkys.

what was poseidons weapons

NO.........Medusa had relationships with Athena's brother poseidon and gave birth to their child when she was killed by (Perseus).She was a beautiful young woman but Athena turned her into a gorgon.

Medusa was the child of Phorcys and Ceto, who in turn were the children of Gaia and Oceanus.

Nothing because he was a god.

In myths, he does not have one.

Poseidon owns a trident.

he is millions of years old.

Swimming, fishing and women.

The sea, particularly the Mediterranean.

He doesn't had friends

His children were:Eumolpus,Pelias and Neleus,Hippothoon,Theseus,Nauplius,Arion,Triton,Polyphemus,Alebion,Bergion,Otos Ephialtae,Chrysaor,Pegasis His wifes and mother of his children:Amphitrite,Tyro,Alope,Amymone,Caeneus,Demeter,Medusa,Thoosa,and Iphimedia

Poseidon's job is god of the sea.

Poseidon's parents were Cronus and Rhea

Poseidon was known as the "Earth Shaker."

Thesus,Triton,Polyphemus,and Ephialtes

Cronus is his father; Rhea is his mother.

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