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Is Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr related to Lewis or Clark?


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Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr is the grandson of William Clark. His father was William Clark's son Meriwether Lewis Clark, Sr. William Clark had named his son after his friend Meriwether Lewis.

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Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., grandson of William Clark

Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., who was the grandson of William Clark of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition.

Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr the grandson of William Clark of the famed Lewis and Clark expedition.

Lucy Meriwether married William Lewis, who died in 1779 and then re-married to Captain John Marks six months later.To William Lewis she gave birth to:Jane Meriwether AndersonMeriwether LewisLucinda Lewis (who died in childhood)Dr. Reuben LewisTo Capt. John Marks she gave birth to:John Marks, Jr.Mary Garland Marks.John and Anne Rogers Clark had ten children, six sons and four daughters:Gen. Jonathan ClarkGeorge Rogers ClarkWilliam ClarkAnne ClarkCapt. John ClarkLieutenant Richard ClarkCapt. Edmund ClarkLucy ClarkElizabeth ClarkFrances Eleanor Clark

1.) "The Journals of Lewis and Clark" by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark2.) "Undaunted Courage : Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West" by Stephen Ambrose3.) "How We Crossed The West: The Adventures Of Lewis And Clark" by Rosalyn Schanzer4.) "The Essential Lewis and Clark" by Landon Y. Jones5.) "Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes: Nine Indian Writers on the Legacy of the Expedition" by Alvin M. Josephy Jr.6.) "Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery: An Illustrated History" by Dayton Duncan7.) "The Natural World of Lewis and Clark" by David A. Dalton8.) "Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark" by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent9.) "The Journals of Patrick Gass: Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" by Patrick Gass10.) "Common to This Country: Botanical Discoveries of Lewis and Clark" by Susan H. Munger

It was Merriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., the grand son of William Clark the co-leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Lucy Meriwether, his mother, married William Lewis and he died in 1779 and she married Captain John Marks six months later. She gave birth to Jane Meriwether Anderson, Meriwether Lewis, Lucinda Lewis (who died in childhood) and Dr. Reuben Lewis while married to William Lewis. While married to Capt. John Marks, she gave birth to John Marks, Jr. and Mary Garland Marks.

Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. organized the Louisville Jockey Club to raise money for quality racing facilities. This led to land being provided by the Churchill family, and the first derby being run in the month of May, 1875. See link:

William Clark was born in the late 1700's. He married and had 10 children. He knew Meriwether Lewis from working with him in the white house. His older brothers name was George Rodgers Clark and his other brothers name was Johnathon. His parents names were Ann Rodgers and John Clark. He had 7 sons named Jefferson Kearny, William Gilbert JR., Meriwether Lewis Clark Sr. ( not the person he traveled to the passage way to the pacifc ocean with.), William preston, George Hancock, Julias Clark, and Edward Clark. He had 2 daughters named Mary Margret Clark and Harriet Clark. Whoever wrote this past answer is the stupidest person in the history of the world bcuz it states that William had 10 children then later it says he had 7 sons and 2 daughters. Excuse me but i am pretty sure 7+2=9. ... just saying! :{

That he had the resources, that he knew what he was doing, and that he saw the potential for thoroughbred horse racing in the area may have been the reasons that led Colonel Meriwether Lewis Jr [January 27, 1846 - April 22, 1899] to set the groundwork for the subsequent Kentucky Derby. Clark was the grandson of William Clark [August 1, 1770 - September 1, 1838] of the [Meriwether] Lewis and Clark Expedition into the territory of the Louisiana Purchase.So the Colonel had the necessary connections and the resources. For example, he obtained the land for the subsequent Churchill Downs racetrack from his relatives, John and Henry Churchill.Additionally, Clark knew exactly what he was doing. Through his mother, Abigail Prather Churchill, he was descended from one of Kentucky's 'first families'. His ancestors had been in the subsequent Louisville area since 1787. Clark became knowledgeable in the area's wildlife and in horse riding. Additionally, he was acquainted with running of the world-famous Epsom Derby of England and Grand Prix de Paris of France's Jockey Club.Therefore, Clark knew what his beloved homeland was capable of. Specifically, he drew on the wide reputation of the Kentucky Bluegrass region as the source of superior racehorses from the time of the earliest European settlements.

Yes he had 3 children who lived past infancy:John Henry Churchill ClarkBirth15 Aug 1874inLouisville, KentuckyDeath23 Mar 1915inJefferson, KentuckyMary Barbaroux ClarkBirth24 Sep 1877inLouisville, Jefferson, KentuckyDeath25 Nov 1956in Washington, D.C.Caroline Carrie Anderson ClarkBirth20 Aug 1876inLouisville, Jefferson, KentuckyDeathAugust-1893

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