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Is Metallica better than Megadeth?


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April 13, 2013 10:18AM

Metallica was first!
and then came Megadeth
but they are both great bands,
there is no one better than the other,
however Dave mustaine is a better song writer and every guitarist megadeth had was better than kirk hammat


Megadeths songs are more about problems about the world, like "Dawn Patrol", and "Peace Sells". And Mustaines Guitar skills are better than anyones in Metallica. I have nothing against Metallica but I think Metallica should go back to their roots. Metallicas song are mostly about Death, which is awesome. In my mind, Megadeth wins.

It's an opinion. I agree with the guy above completely. I've always though that. But yeah it's an opinion but I think we can all agree that Endgame rocked. But United Abominations was Omega!!!

I love both of these bands, they both have their ups and downs, I think Dave Mustaine isn't the best singer live. Metallica did go in a different direction, but Death Magnetic is awesome. So I will have to say Metallica.

Megadeth is definitely better in MY opinion, but Metallica is my 2nd favorite band, as much as I hate to admit it. Megadeth are definitely full of more talented musicians, but they're not as good as Metallica when it comes to writing appealing songs to more of a general audience. Despite this, Megadeth are STILL one of the biggest and most popular bands on the planet, but their worldwide sales of 50 million records still doesn't beat Metallica's 100 million+ records. Metallica is more popular, Megadeth is more talented, but they are BOTH the TWO BIGGEST thrash metal bands in history, above all other thrash bands in existance.