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Metallica was first!
and then came Megadeth
but they are both great bands,
there is no one better than the other,
however Dave mustaine is a better song writer and every guitarist megadeth had was better than kirk hammat

NO WAY. MEGADETH RULES!!!!Megadeths songs are more about problems about the world, like "Dawn Patrol", and "Peace Sells". And Mustaines Guitar skills are better than anyones in Metallica. I have nothing against Metallica but I think Metallica should go back to their roots. Metallicas song are mostly about Death, which is awesome. In my mind, Megadeth wins.

It's an opinion. I agree with the guy above completely. I've always though that. But yeah it's an opinion but I think we can all agree that Endgame rocked. But United Abominations was Omega!!!

I love both of these bands, they both have their ups and downs, I think Dave Mustaine isn't the best singer live. Metallica did go in a different direction, but Death Magnetic is awesome. So I will have to say Metallica.

Megadeth is definitely better in MY opinion, but Metallica is my 2nd favorite band, as much as I hate to admit it. Megadeth are definitely full of more talented musicians, but they're not as good as Metallica when it comes to writing appealing songs to more of a general audience. Despite this, Megadeth are STILL one of the biggest and most popular bands on the planet, but their worldwide sales of 50 million records still doesn't beat Metallica's 100 million+ records. Metallica is more popular, Megadeth is more talented, but they are BOTH the TWO BIGGEST thrash metal bands in history, above all other thrash bands in existance.
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Is Megadeth better than Metallica?

Megadeth have more complex songs than Metallica, but that depends on you taste if you like good music Megadeth if you like less good music Metallica (jk about the last part)

Why is Megadeth a much better band than Metallica?

The opinion varies on this question. Megadeth has stayed on track with the same type of music and intellegent lyrics. While Metallica has varied in different styles of music.

Who is more popular metallica or megadeth?


How much is megadeth worth?

A Megadeth is worth one-fourth of a Metallica.

How much are megadeth worth?

A Megadeth is worth one-fourth of a Metallica.

Which is the better band Megadeth or Metallica?

Metallica has a wider audience nowdays. Metallica got more popular after the realse of the Black Album which gained them money like crazy. Nowdays Metallica is everywhere, by that i mean I hear people playing or singing Enter Sandman every day. Megadeth isn't as popular as Metallica, but they have been my favorite for being true to metal for as long as I remember. Megadeth are a true Thrash Metal band... and you have to hand it to Mustaine from just getting kicked out, he started one of the greatest band in the world. Megadeth is the better band. Metallica is pretty good, but compared to Megadeth, they're nothing. Letting Mustaine go was the biggest mistake metallica ever made. Well personally i think Megadeth is better but they're both good. IMHO, Metallica is much better. Megadeth is my second favorite band of all time, but trust me Metallica is the better band. Listen to songs like Ride the Lightning, Sanitarium, Cyanide, The Four Horsemen, Fade to Black, Leper Messiah, The Shortest Straw, And Justice For All, Dyer's Eve, Battery, The Unforgiven, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Call of Ktulu, Fight Fire with Fire, etc.

Metallica is to Megadeth as ACDC is to?

Led Zepplin

Is Megadeth better than Mettalica?

In many ways, yes. Megadeth is my all-time favorite, but I have to hand it to Metallica, they were(at one point) the gods of metal. It all went downhill from Master of Puppets but it got drastically unmetalish since Load.

Why is Metallica better than Korn?

Metallica is way better than Korn. Metallica just has more talent.

Who was in the big 4?

Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth

Who is the best metal band in the world?

Metallica, Slayer, Motorhead, Black Sabbath. Metallica and Megadeth.

Are Metallica and Dave Mustaine okay now?

Dave and Metallica are on better terms now. During the events of the Some Kind of Monster, Dave and Lars got to vent their anger. Megadeth will also be playing with Metallica at Sonisphere 2010.

Who are the best heavy metal bands of the 80's?

The bands from the big four-Metallica,Megadeth,Anthrax and Megadeth.

What song has the best bass ever?

probaby the master of puppets by metallica That's a good choice, but better ones would be Dawn Patrol by Megadeth, Peace Sells by Megadeth, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, Orion by Metallica, The Wicked End by Avenged Sevenfold, and Roundabout by Yes

What is the Big 4?

The Big 4 is Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth

Who are trash metals big four?

Metallica ,Megadeth,Slayer,Anthrax

Which Metallica band member went on to find Megadeth?

Dave Mustaine

What Metallica song sounds similar to Absolution by Megadeth?

Fade to Black.

Who is better metallica or system of a down?

System of a Down is way better than Metallica.

Who is better Metallica or Godsmack?

Metallica is way better than Godsmack, but I like them both.

Is metallica better then Justin Bieber?

yes, Metallica is better than Justin Beiber.

What band is better Metallica or Disturbed?

Well, I take it you like disturbed more, because you misspelled Metallica, but it's Metallica ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- statistically, metallica is better, and personally, metallica is better. of course metallica has the best into but Disturbed is better because of the amount of people that know about Disturbed!!! depends on your style Metallica is a different style of metal than disturbed. Personally I think Disturbed is better mostly because the vocals are way better than metallica and metallica has the long intro which I think are boring

Is Megadeth and Metallica doing a concert together?

yes . at somnisphere festival in bucharest

Who inspired avenge sevenfold?

Metallica megadeth motorhead pantera bands like that

Which heavy metal band between Metallica and Megadeth is the best?

I personally prefer Metallica but it is a matter of opinion. Listen to both and decide for yourself.