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No. Microsoft Excel is not bundled with Windows XP Home (or any version of Windows). It must be purchased as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

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Q: Is Microsoft Excel included in Windows XP Home Edition?
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Does Windows XP Home Edition come with Microsoft Excel?


Does Windows Vista Ultimate Edition include Microsoft Excel?


Is Excel included with Windows Vista Home Basic?

Unfortunately, no. The most cost-effective option is to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student edition. Excel comes with this.

What versions of Microsoft Excel are supported by Windows XP Home Edition?

All versions of Excel should work with all versions of Windows.

Which programs are included in the Office Professional 2007 Edition?

There are many programs included in the Microsoft Office Professional edition for 2007. These include Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Is Microsoft Excel included in Windows Vista Ultimate?

No, Windows Vista Ultimate is the Operating System while Excel forms part of the Microsoft Office suite (which must be purchased separately).

Which applications are included with Microsoft Office Standard 2010?

Included in the Standard Edition is Microsoft Word (word processing), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations), and Microsoft Outlook (email and collaboration).

Is Microsoft office Excel 2000 the same as Microsoft Windows X P home edition verision 2002 service pack 3?

Not even close. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. Windows XP is an operating system.

What programs are included with Microsoft Office Live?

The programs included with Microsoft Office Live are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. The minimum system requirement for Windows to run these programs is Windows XP and for Mac it is Mac OS X 10.2.

Does Microsoft Excel come with Windows XP?

When you purchase Windows XP, it does not come with Microsoft Excel. You will have to purchase the Microsoft Suite, that comes with Word and Excel.

Is Microsoft Excel included in Windows XP Professional?

Windows XP is an operating system. Microsoft Excel is an application that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office does not automatically come with any version of Windows XP or any operating system. You have to order it or buy it separately when you are getting a computer.

Does Windows 98 include Microsoft Excel?

No. Microsoft Excel is sold as a separate product.

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