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Microsoft Excel can be used for accounting. Any thing that has maths could be used in Microsoft Excel.

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Q: Is Microsoft Excel used for accounting purpose?
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What application is used for accounting and nfl team in workbooks and worksheets?

A spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel.

Does Microsoft offer business accounting software?

yes, microsoft office has business accounting software available online. on their website you can download certain software for free. excel, on microsoft office is also used for accounting.

What types of spreadsheets are used in accounting?

Accountants use spreadsheets to collect and analyze data. The types of spreadsheets that are used in accounting include Microsoft Excel, Sage and Google Docs.

What is Microsoft Excel used for and what will it allow you to do?

Microsoft Excel allows you to be pretty<3

What does business accounting software do?

Depends on the software. Microsoft Excel, creates easy to read spreadsheets which incorporate formulas to do the math for you when properly used. Excel is just one example, there are many accounting programs out there, but they all do similar tasks.

Different beetwin Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Word is used for writing papers, and Microsoft Excel is for spreadsheets.

Definition of Microsoft Excel?

microsoft excel is a spreadsheet application used for calculation and data analysis

What is use of Microsoft Excel?

Type your answer here... microsoft Excel is worksheet used for business forcasting.

Can you use data from Microsoft Excel as data to input into Microsoft Access?

Yes, data from Microsoft Excel can be imported and used by Microsoft Access.

How is Microsoft Excel used?

Microsoft Excel is used to make charts and graphs easier. It is also used to insert data and recalculate it easily.

What font is used on Microsoft Excel?

The Excel that I have used gave a choice of many fonts.

What is the differences between Microsoft Excel and MS Word?

Microsoft Excel is used for formulas, numbers, budgets etc. whereas Microsoft Word is used for word processing.

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