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Is Mozart and bethoven friends?

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Not really. Mozart was 14 years older than Beethoven, and he died when Beethoven was 21.

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What is the same between Mozart and bethoven?

they where:famouscomposersboth living in the 18th centuryrichGermanliving in Wenen

Who were Beethoven's friends?

He was friends with mozart

Did Mozart and beethoven become friends?

YES Beethoven and Mozart met witch means they were friends

Did Bethoven have a wife and children?

Bethoven did not have a wife or children

How is Mozart different than bethoven?

They were different people, they wrote in different styles and periods (Mozart classical and Beethoven romantic), Beethoven wrote far less pieces, but fierce ones, and Mozart was like a music-machine, making powerful statements. Your final answer; they are completely different.

Is Mozart and beethoven friends?

They met when Beethoven first went to Vienna. But Mozart died not long after that.

Did Mozart have many friends?

william godfrey-taylor

Where did Mozart the musician study music?

He was taught by his father, family and friends.

Was bethoven married?

No, Beethoven never married.

Where did Betoven live?

Ludwig Van Bethoven was German

Why did Bethoven want to play music?

because he was very into it.

Who was Bethoven?

Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827 German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He studied in Vienna under Mozart and Haydn. In Vienna he first made his reputation as a pianist and teacher, and he became famous quickly.

How did bethoven die?

1 poo 2 toilet that's it

Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gay?

No. In that respect, he was interested only in women. He had friends of both sexes.

What did Haydn Mozart and Beethoven all have in common?

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven all have in common that they are from the classical period. Also, Haydn was Mozart's and Beethoven's teacher. They all could play the piano. They have all worked as a musician in Vienna. Haydn was born in 1732, Mozart 1756, and Beethoven was 1770. Haydn influenced both Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart became good friends with Haydn. Beethoven improved upon the classical music of Mozart and Haydn's time.

What are the puppies names in the Bethoven movie?

* Tchaikovsky * Chubby * Dolly * Mo

Did Beethoven Haydn and Mozart know each other?

Beethoven and Haydn certainly did, Haydn taught Beethoven. Between Beethoven and Mozart the picture is less certain, they may have met in Vienna in 1787, and some people think that Beethoven may even have had a few lessons from Mozart. However the records are not clear or contemporaneous. Mozart and Hayden were great friends.

How old was bethoven when he died?

56 i believe. he was born in 1770 and died in 1827

Is there a film about Mozart?

Yes, manyHere a few titles:1994 Mozart1991 Following Mozart1987 Mozart1985 Forget Mozart1984 Amadeus1984 The Three of Us1975 Mozart in Love1967 The Life of Mozart1954 Unsterblicher Mozart

What inspired Mozart?

Mozart's influence was Christian Bach As well as being influenced by the work of composer Johann Christian Bach, who befriended Mozart as a child in London in 1764-5, Mozart became friends later with Josef Haydn, and each had some influence upon the other's musical style.

Who was the real Mozart?

it was wholfgang mozart

Who is mozart's dad?

Leopold Mozart was the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the greater Mozart.

Does anyone in the world have the last name Mozart?

Mozart was surname of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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