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Natalie Sawyer was pregnant. She had a son with her now ex-husband, Sam Matterface. The boy was born on October 28, 2010. His name is Sawyer Matterface.

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Q: Is Natalie Sawyer from Sky sports pregnant?
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Who is Natalie Sawyer dating?

She is dating her Sky Sports colleague, Sam Matterface.

How many months pregnant is Natalie sawyer off sky sports news?

Natalie Sawyer is 34 years old (birthdate October 23, 1979).

Is Natalie sawyer from sky sports single?

no. engaged to co-presenter Sam Matterface.

Did Natalie Sawyer just get engaged?

Yes - she is engaged to fellow Sky Sports presenter, Sam Matterface.

Is Natalie sawyer single?

Natalie Sawyer married co-presenter of Sky Sports News ,Sam Matterface in June 2011. They are proud parents to a son, Sawyer, born in October 2010.

Are Natalie sawyer and millie clode of sky sports news heavy smokers?

I don't know about heavy. But Georgie Thompson definitely is.

Does Natalie Sawyer of Sky Sports News have a boyfriend?

NO, In Fact, She has a girlfriend, THEY ARE HAPPY, DON'T TRY & INTERFERE.

Is nstalie sawyer on sky sports news single?

no she is engaged to sam matterface

Who is the current female sky sports news presenter?

There are a few, Georgie Thompson, Alex Quinn, Natalie Sawyer, Sarah Jayne Mee, Charlotte Jackson, Asha Tanna, Vicky Gomersall, and Chloe Everton.

Does Natalie sawyer of sky sports news smoke?

Some people feel that she is due to her deeper voice, but if she does, she has not made it public. She has not spoken about it, and there are no pictures that surface in an image search for her smoking.

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When was Sky Sports created?

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