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No, Nauru is not a territory of the United States, and it never has been.

The U.S. support it, though.


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Marlene Inemwin Moses is the Ambassador to the US for Nauru.

They haven't, it is still a US Territory.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a US Territory.

It is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and has been a US Territory since it was ceded to the US after the Spanish-American War of 1898. It is however, no matter what name is used, still a US Territory of the US States without added right or privileges according to the US Supreme Court.

David Adeang is the Minister for Nauru Air Corporation for Nauru.

Shadlog Bernicke is the Minister for Nauru Utilities Corporation for Nauru.

No, it is an independent country from 1963. It is still part of the British Commonwealth.

Shadlog Bernicke is the Minister for Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust for Nauru.

The Pitcairn Islands have only 48 people, but are a British overseas territory. Vatican CityNauru07940515802

No. Nauru is a country.

It is part of the US Virgin Islands, which is a US Territory.

Nauru is in Australia & Oceania.

They discovered Nauru in 1462

It became a US Territory in 1898.

No. Haiti is an independent country and not a US Territory

Nauru is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is not on any continent.Nauru is in Oceania.

The US acquired the territory of Florida from Spain ceding it to the US.

Nauru does not have any rivers.

No, Nauru is the 3rd smallest.

Nauru is a small island in Oceania.

Nauru is in the Pacific Ocean.

Montana was admitted a territory by the US in 1864.

The US did not sell the Louisiana Territory... we bought it.

Nauru (officially, Republic of Nauru) - Nauru has an area of 8.1 square miles.

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