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The air that you breathe is 79.8% nitrogen. By using 100% nitrogen you exclude oxygen from inside your tire. Less oxygen, less corrosion of the tire and rim. In short it makes no difference if you have nitogen or air. Its just a marketing scam to charge you an extra $8.00 per tire for something that makes no difference in tire performance.


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It is not. That is why a lot of tire shops fill tires with only nitrogen.

Yes, nitrogen is more stable than air in tires.

Long chains of nitrogen are incredibly explosive.

Yes, Costo does inflate the tires with nitrogen for free.

no, however their is a shop that puts nitrogen oxide in low profile wheels and tires.

Many industrial supply companies will sell you compressed tanks of dry nitrogen that would be suitable for tires. For normal auto tires, regular air is fine, but nitrogen is often used to inflate the tires of race cars and airplanes.

Nitrogen triiodide - a very unstable and sensitive contact explosive.

They fill their tires with nitrogen.

I highly doubt it. It's mostly used to dilute other explosive gases.

Nothing. Nitrogen is quite unreactive due to the triple bond between two nitrogen atoms. An explosive inside the liquid nitrogen would not ignite unless designed for the purpose.

Nitrogen , check out this site, Typically, plain air. Nitrogen is used in high-performance racing tires and in large aircraft tires.

Air. Nitrogen in the tires.

Some people think that tires will last longer if filled with nitrogen instead of air. Air contains about 21 percent oxygen, which is known to gradually weaken tires through the process of oxidation. Nitrogen has no known bad effects on tires.

Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas used to inflate airplane tires, off-road truck tires, military vehicle tires, and race car tires for improved performance, more tire mileage and better fuel economy.

Nitrogen can be used to inflate airplane tires, off-road truck tires, military vehicle tires, and race car tires for improved performance, more tire mileage and better fuel economy.hope it helped :)

Nitrogen is pumped into tires as it is believed that it is more stable than air giving it better traction with less wobbling.

No. In fact, nitrogen is commonly used to provide an inert atmosphere in which to work with highly reactive compounds.Some nitrogen compounds are, however, highly explosive. One well-known example is trinitrotoluene, better known by the abbreviation TNT.

Yes, you can use nitrogen or plain air.

The rubber used in tires is somewhat more permeable to oxygen than it is to nitrogen, so inflating tires with nitrogen keeps them at their recommended inflation pressure longer.

yes nitrogen would be good or you could use regular old air which is about 70% nitrogen anyway!

nitrogenThey use 100% nitrogen because it doesn't expand and contract as much as normal air mixture.nitrogen.Nitrogen.

No. Improper pressure will.

Nitrogen is filled in aeroplane tyres.

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