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Yes, it is an alternative to burning fossil fuel such as coal, oil, or natural gas.

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What is the examples of source of energy?

nuclear power,fossil energy and alternative energy.

What type of energies are out there?

fossil energy alternative energy nuclear power

Name four types of alternative energy sources?

Wind Power Nuclear Energy Solar Power Geothermal Energy

What are the alternative sources used to provide energy?

solar power , wind power , nuclear power , hydroelectric , tidal power , biomass energy .

Is uranium an alternative energy ressource?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear reactors; the nuclear energy can be considered as an alternative source of energy.

Who can use nuclear power?

Technically, anyone who lives near a nuclear power plant and, i suppose, gets permission, can use nuclear energy as a cheaper alternative to electricity

Why isn't nuclear power an alternative energy?

Possibly nuclear power is not considered an alternative energy because it is already established as big business. Or possibly because there are inherent problems with it to which proponents of alternative energy object. The power sources being promoted as alternative energy share certain things in common. One of which is that they tend to be renewable, which nuclear power is not, as it depends on nonrenewable resources. Another is that they have low carbon footprints, and the carbon footprint of nuclear power is significantly greater than the carbon footprints of wind, recent solar technology, hydro, and biomass. Another problem is that nuclear power has a potential for long term damage other technologies do not have.

Is nuclear power a good alternative energy?

I think so, many others disagree!

Why would you want a scientist working on a nuclear power plant?

Governments want scientists to work on a nuclear power plant to lessen the dependence of fossil fuels. The product of nuclear power plants are atomic energy, a clean energy alternative.

What are two alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

Solar energy and wind power.Nuclear and geothermal energy are also alternatives.Hydro-Electric and wave power

Why is nuclear energy plants important?

Nuclear energy is an alternative source of energy; the nuclear energy don't release greenhouse gases.

Is nuclear energy an alternative source of energy?


Is nuclear energy a source of alternative energy?

yes it is

What are some alternatives of using fossil fuels for energy?

Some alternative methods of generating energy include: nuclear power, solar power, wind power, geothermal power, tidal power.

What types of alternative energy is used in Iowa?

Iowa's main source of energy is nuclear power. There are over 50 nuclear stations called mps (nuclear power station). And has only had 50 accidents in teh last ten years!

Why is uranium a valuable resource?

Uranium is very important as nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors. The nuclear energy has no contribution to global warming and is an alternative to fossil fuels.

How do you reduce dependancy on fossil fuel?

Develop alternative energy sources - solar panels, nuclear power, water power, etc.

What are some alternative fields?

do you mean fuels? nuclear energy is the best alternative energy source.

What are 3 alternative sources of energy?

Solar power Takes energy from phtons emmitted from the sun. Hydro power Takes power from currents of water turning a turbine. Nuclear power Splits atoms to release energy

What do nuclear power plants have to do with nuclear energy?

Nuclear power plants produce electricity by using nuclear energy

Is nuclear power alternative?

Nuclear power is an alternative to fossil fuel power, although many people are not happy with it and would like to use different alternatives.

What energy is produced in a nuclear power station?

Nuclear power stations collect nuclear energy, and produce heat energy and electrical energy.

Is nuclear energy a suitable alternative to fossil fuels?

Many people think nuclear is a suitable alternative. Nuclear energy is clean, with no carbon dioxide pollution, so it does not add to global warming the way that burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) does. However, nuclear power has its dangers too. Accidents at power plants can be deadly, and there is no easy way yet to dispose of nuclear waste.

Does the nuclear power include oil?

No. Nuclear power uses nuclear energy instead of oil energy.

How does nuclear engery affect the economy?

The nuclear energy is now the most important source of alternative energy.

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