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Q: Is Oregon mountainous?
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What part of the US is more mountainous the eastern or western?

The western half of the United States is more mountainous. It includes the younger mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, the Sierra Madre, and the Cascades of Washington and Oregon.

What is the land like in Oregon?

Oregon is divided into two very different areas. In the west the land is hilly and mountainous, with many trees, creeks, and rivers. In the east the land is much flatter and more open, and there are comparatively few trees.

Is Africa mountainous or flat?


Is Brazil mountainous or flat?


What is a semi-mountainous?

When u poo

How do you use mountainous in a sentence?

The terrain was mountainous.

What part of speech is mountainous?

Mountainous is an adjective.

How do you spell mountainous?

That is the correct spelling of the word "mountainous".

Is Iceland a mountainous or flat region?

Iceland is mountainous.

Is it mountainous in kosovo?

Yes! Most of all Kosovo is mountainous !

Is it mountainous in Europe?

Yes it is very mountainous in parts of Europe.

Is South Korea mountainous?

Yes, South Korea is mountainous.

What is a sentence with word mountainous in it?

Switzerland is noted for its mountainous terrain.

Is japan mountainous or flat?

It is mainly flat but 16% mountainous.

What is the population of Mountainous Croatia?

Mountainous Croatia's population is 90,643.

Is china mountainous or desert?

It's mountainous, mountainous ereas takes up nearly 70% of China's land area.

What is the definition of mountainous?

Mountainous means "craggy" or "hilly". It generally describes terrain -- Colorado is a mountainous state. It can also be used to describe something very large, like a mountainousstack of pancakes.

Where is it mountainous?

In the USA, there are several mountainous areas. For example, Nevada is known as the most mountainous state. In second place is the state of Alaska.

What is the most mountainous continent?

The most mountainous continent in the world is Asia

A small mountainous country in Europe?

a small mountainous country in Europe

Which cities in Europe are mountainous?

Zurich, Gstaad and Berne are all mountainous.

Is GB a mountainous country?

Not really, although Wales is quite mountainous

Is Turkey mountainous or very flat?

Most of Turkey is fairly mountainous.

Is the land area of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan lowland plains or mountainous?


What word means mountainous in Spanish?

The word for mountainous in Spanish is: montañoso.