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Is Pokemon Shiny Gold version a real game?

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Q: Is Pokemon Shiny Gold version a real game?
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Which are the legend Pokemon in Pokemon shiny gold version?

Pokemon shiny gold is not a real game but it was supposed to be shiny ho-oh

How do i get inside the lighthouse in Pokemon shiny gold?

You need to get the final version of shiny gold to complete the game

How do you open light house in Pokemon shiny gold version?

shiny gold Is A Hacked game..... understand......

Why does your Pokemon shiny gold freeze when you use game shark?

Why? because shiny gold version is a hacked game, (not actually published by Pokemon company) the data is already curropted from the original version, and gameshark curoptets it even more, the game can't handle it.

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon shiny gold gba rom?

There is no Game Boy Advance Pokemon Shiny Gold game.

Where can you get PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon shiny gold?

Pokemon Shiny Gold does Not Exist, However You can download a Fake version using Vba on your computer.whoevas above me is rong shiny gold is a REAL FAN MADEGAME

How do I get the final version of Pokemon shiny Gold version to complete the game?

the final version ain't out yet, the latest version is 5.0X and the final version is said to be out at the end of may.

In my Pokemon shiny gold version it keeps on saying men at work end of preview on the Pokemon league reception center How do you I get rid of it?

You cannot. Shiny Gold is a modified version of Pokemon Gold made by a fan. They have placed them characters there as a placeholder until they update the game. To remove them you will need to check if a new version of the ROM has been released yet.

What is the game Pokemon shiny gold?

no not for gba

Are there Pokemon shiny gold in Nintendo DS?

No and shiny gold isn't even a game it is fake.

Has Pokemon shiny gold beta 6 been released?

Pokemon Heart gold is to be released in the UK around December 2010. It is an upgraded version of the 9 year old Pokemon gold and is set to be one of the greatest Pokemon games ever with an estimated rating of 94%. Along with Heart gold will be Soul silver. These are the games official names not shiny gold and shiny silver. It will cost £30. Hope my answer helped! Well this is embarrassing... Shiny Gold is a Pokemon ROM hack... Not an actual game... To answer the question, yes. The final version, Pokemon ShinyGold X, has been released and is around...

Where can you get the key in shiny gold?

there is no Pokemon game called shiney gold

Is there a Pokemon game called Pokemon shiny gold?

nope sorry theres only one Pokemon gold. and its 'Pokemon gold' :D

Why Dragon air is not evolving in shiny gold version?

it,s probably because shiny gold is just a fony of the game pokemon gold versoin. and if it,s not evolving, you need to train more. it evolves at level 40 somethin...

How do you get in the ship in Pokemon shiny gold?

Shiny gold isn't a real game its a hack like chaos black.

Where is the Pokemon game corner in Pokemon shiny gold?

in golden rod city

Rare candy cheats on Pokemon shiny gold?

There is no such game as Pokemon Shiny Gold, BUT, A Pokemon Heart Gold has just been released in Japan and is being released in the USA Spring 2010.

Where is Jasmine The third Gym Leader in Pokemon Shiny gold Version?

There is no such thing as shiny gold version there is heartgold version for ds and gold version for ds and game boy advanced and jasmine is the 6th gym leader she is in olovine city the 3rd gym leader is at either goldenrod city or the city after that" this person has no idea what he or she is talking about. shiny gold is a hacked rom of Pokemon gold version with an improved graphics engine which I'm sure the questioner knows but this was to inform others that there is in fact a shiny gold version. in regards to the question at hand the third gym leader is Whitney of golden rod city. the badges just appear out of order.

How can you find a shiny Suicune in Pokemon Black?

The Shiny Suicune was a game stop event held before Pokemon black and whiter where releases. You had to get either suicune riakou or entei at the event of your Pokemon Pearl/diamond/platinum/soul silver/ or heart gold version, and then transfer them to your Pokemon black/white version.

Why must you get the final version of shiny gold to complete the game?

you ca complete it.

Where can you get Pokemon in shiny gold?

1. if you want toplay shiny gold you must download it because it's a hacked game by Zel. 2. if you want an remake of gold/silver you have to wait till November 09 in japan i don't know for USA 3. the names of gold/silver remakes are called Pokemon shiny gold Pokemon soul silver Pokemon heart gold And shiny gold is not and real game its a hack of fire red 4. the magazine that says the gold/silver remake that's fake.

How do you get gold Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

I assume you mean pokemon FROM gold version, and that you want to trade them to your emerald version. You can't. Emerald is a generation three game whereas Gold is a generation two game. You can only trade Emerald with Ruby, Sapphire, Firered and Leafgreen. Pokemon Gold can only trade with Crystal, Silver, Red, Blue and Yellow. If you mean actual 'Gold' pokemon, then you're talking about shiny pokemon. You need to catch them in the wild (1/+8000, so have fun with that).

What platform is Pokemon shiny gold on?

Pokemon ShinyGold is for the Game Boy Advance. It's an unofficial Gold remake for Generation III of Pokemon.

How do you turn on Pokemon Shiny Gold?

it will be the best game outta all thy Pokemon series

Can you trade from a fake Pokemon game like pokemon'' shiny gold'' to Pokemon ''sappire'' which is a real Pokemon game?