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No he is married to Samantha Speno-Orton and they have a daughter Alanna Marie Orton! And Trish is happily married to her high school sweetheart.

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Q: Is Randy Orton dating Trish Stratus?
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Were Trish stratus and Randy Orton in a storyline together?

no they were not

Did Randy Orton ever kiss Trish Stratus?

On the cheek, yes. Trish and Randy are great friends. There are many pictures of them together. But they're only great friends. Nothing more.

Has Randy Orton ever been in a mixed tag team match?

yes A six man with it was john cena,carlito,trish stratus vs randy orton edge and lita

Who is trish stratus dating?

She's married.

Is Matt Hardy dating Trish Stratus?


Does Jeff Hardy still love Trish Stratus?

no he doesnt. he has a girlfriend and has for a very long time. him dating trish stratus was part of a storyline. he wasnt really dating her.

What nicknames does Trish Stratus go by?

Trish Stratus goes by Trish Stratus.

What is are the best WWE themes?

1.jeff hardy and trish stratus 2.edge 3.big show (crank it up) 4.randy orton 5.matt hardy

Who is trish stratus dating now?

Chris Nocera, actor from Entourage

Is Trish Stratus single?

Trish AnswerA woman like her probably has a boyfriend or two.ANSWER:Trish Stratus is dating the undertaker (shes not in wwe no more)Shes married last time i checked!!!Sorry all u Trish Fans!

Is trish stratus ticklish?

Trish Stratus is very ticklish.

Trish stratus email address?

Trish stratus email address

Did The Undertaker kissed Trish Stratus?

yes the undertaker has kissed trish stratus

When was Trish Stratus born?

Trish Stratus was born on December 18, 1975.

Is there a Trish Stratus home video?

Trish Stratus-100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed

Was trish stratus in tna?

Trish Stratus was exclusive to WWE her entire career.

How tall is Trish Stratus?

Trish Stratus is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Wwe real life feuds?

Trish Stratus & Lita Chyna & Ivory John Cena & Randy Orton Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho Eddie Guerrero & Ray Mysterio Matt Hardy & Edge Triple H & Randy Orton Kane & Edge Kane & Matt Hardy Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker Candice Michelle & Melina Trish Stratus & Victoria Molly Holly & Victoria Mickie James & Beth Phoenix (Short) Maria & Lita Christy Hemme & Victoria Lay-cool & Mickie James Mickie James & Beth Phoenix Ashley & Mickie James Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson Jazz & Trish Stratus Test & Scott scott steiner Stephanie McMahon & Daniel Bryan Triple H/Stephanie McMahon & The Big Show Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton (2013) Trish Stratus & Mickie James Maria & Beth Phoenix Eve Torres & Maryse Chyna & Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Mr.McMahon (1999-2001) Mr.McMahon & Stone Cold Chyna & Jeff Jerrett

Are Lita and Trish Stratus really friends?

yes trish stratus & lita are good friends

Did john cena and trish stratus have a baby?

yes john cena and trish stratus had a baby

What is Trish Stratus email?


Trish Stratus full name?

trish staratiegies

Is trish stratus a bisexual?

Trish Stratus is best known for being a professional wrestling personality. Trish has never confirmed her sexuality to her audience.

Is trish stratus hot?

Is Trish Stratus hot man she is a godess.Look at pictures at her now shes beatiful.

Did john cena break up with trish stratus or trish stratus broke up with him?

they never dated