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Regis University in Denver, Colorado is a great school. It is part of the Jesuit consortium of colleges and universities with 28 member schools. See the related link.

Regis was established in 1877, has a great reputation, and ranks in the top tier for schools in the west. Also, they are very engaged in social work programs i.e the institute for the common good is housed there. It is the only school in the US that hosted President Clinton and Pope John Paul II in a single event.

You will not go wrong with Regis University.

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Q: Is Regis University a good school?
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How do Regis University and University of Phoenix compare?

There will be differing viewpoints on this depending on the experiences of the students who attended school at each school. There are some differences that may help students decide. Regis University is a brick and mortar school in Colorado that also offers classes online. University of Phoenix has campuses all over the U.S. and online. Both schools are regionally accredited. Regis is a non-profit school and U of P is a for profit school. Regis University is also a Jesuit school (but students who go there do not have to practice a particular religion), while University of Phoenix does not have any religious affiliation.

Which school is better socially cu denver or regis uni?

Between University of Colorado Denver and Regis university, University of Colorado Denver is better because its majority students are undergraduates whereas Regis has more professional and graduate students.

What courses are available at Regis University?

Regis University is a Jesuit Catholic school that offers a variety of courses including religious studies, accounting, nursing, English and liberal arts.

When was Regis University created?

Regis University was created in 1877.

Which is better regis u cu denver or stetson u I got into these school and need to decide where to go?

Regis University is much better than University of Denver or Stetson University, because it has been rated as a top university in Colorado.

Where is Regis University located?

Regis University is located in the state of Colorado.

When was Saint Regis University created?

Saint Regis University was created in 1999.

What is Regis Middle School?

Regis is a Middle school and High School

Do you need good grades to be accepted into Regis High School?


When was Port Regis School created?

Port Regis School was created in 1881.

Which is a better school Regis University 27 in the top west schools or Stetson University which is ranked 5 in top colleges of the south?

They both offer a great quality education. I would have to go with Regis because Colorado is a beautiful place to live.

Where is a good place to study for a business technology degree?

There are several Universities that offer business technology degrees. The easiest and most convenient route to take is to sign up with an online school. The University of Phoenix is the largest, but Regis University, Western Governors University, and Capella University are some other options.