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Yes, Rick Riordan is currently writing two main series: the "Percy Jackson" series and the "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard" series. He also has various other spin-offs, short stories, and companion books related to his mythological worlds.

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Yes. Since Rick Riordan has finished the Percy Jackson Series, he has begun writing the Kane Chronicals and a new Camp Half-Blood series. The Red Pyramid (The first Kane Chronicals book) is scheduled to come out May 4, 2110. The new Camp Half-Blood book has been planned to come out on October 12, 2110.

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Q: Is Rick Riordan writing two series?
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Rick Riordans family?

Rick Riordan is married to a wife named Becky Riordan, and two boys Haley and Patrick Riordan. Rick dedicated the fourth book in the Lightning Thief series to his wife Becky he writes: "To Becky, who always leads me through the maze."

What is Rick Riordan adult life like?

Rick Riordan is a successful author known for his series like Percy Jackson & the Olympians. He lives in Boston with his wife and two children. In addition to writing, he travels for speaking engagements and is involved in various charitable endeavors.

How many siblings does Rick Riordan have?

Rick Riordan has three siblings.

Is there going to be a 6th book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan?

No but he is writing a new series called Magnas Chase and the Gods of Asguard

How many brothers or sisters does Rick Riordan have?


Who are Rick Riordan's sisters?

Rick Riordan has two younger sisters named Natalie and Mariam. Natalie Riordan is a literary agent and Mariam-Rose Riordan is a set decorator.

Did Rick Riordan have any brothers or sisters?

Rick Riordan grew up as an only child, so no he does not have siblings.

How many siblings does Riordan have?

Rick Riordan has two sons

Where is Rick Riordan now?

Rick RIordan lives in San Antonio, Texes with his wife and two sons.

Does Riordan have any pets?

Rick Riordan has a dog and two black cats .

Who is Rick riordan's wife?

Rick Riordan is married to Becky Riordan. Becky is also involved in the publishing and promotion of Rick's books.

Is Rick Riordan writing any more books?

Yes. Rick Riordan is writing two new series. The first new series is called the Kane Chronicles, which is based on Egyptian Mythology. There is one book released in that series as of 2011, and the title is The Red Pyramid.The second series that Rick Riordan is writing currently is called the Heroes of Olympus. It is based off of the prophecy Rachel chanted at the end of the fifth Percy Jackson book, The Last Olympian:"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.To storm or fire, the world must fall.An oath to keep with a final breathand foes bear arms to the Doors of Death."This series has most of the main characters from the Percy Jackson series, but these characters are not the main characters. This series has new heroes, the main heroes being Jason, Piper and Leo. There is one book released in this series as of 2011, and the book is titled The Lost Hero.