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Yes, most Rite Aids are open on Easter Sunday.


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Many stores have varying business hours for Easter Sunday. Some locations that are open include:Movie TheatersThe Galleria Mall - store hours will vary inside the mallWalmartWalgreensCVSRite Aid

Yes Rite Aid should be open on New Years day.

For local store hours you can google, rite aid hours, and add your state.

The population of Rite Aid is 91,800.

Yes, Rite-Aid is open on Labor Day. Their normal business ours are the same for Labor Day. However the Pharmacy is open from 10am-6pm on Labor Day. Visit the related link below for more information.

most likely it is, because it it almost like Walgreen's

The symbol for Rite Aid Corporation in the NYSE is: RAD.

well cvs is popular and rite aid is totally notCVS has been in business for everRite aid has started n 2008CVS RULESrite aid dosentHERE YOU GOOOOO AMERICA

Most stores open at 8 AM on weekdays and stay open until 10 PM. Check out the times at

you go on line to WWW. rite aid .com

The population of Rite Aid is 10.

It depends on the Rite Aid. From my experiences, you can't, but that doesn't mean that yours doesn't carry them.

The ticker symbol for Rite Aid is RAD and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

You can get an application online at their website: or pick one up at a Rite Aid pharmacy close to you.

CVS and Rite Aid are similar, but are not one in the same. The retailers are competitors of each other.

As of July 2014, the market cap for Rite Aid Corporation (RAD) is $7,231,627,432.08.

Not many stores are going to be open on Christmas day in Olympia, WA. Some of the stores open will include Walgreens and Rite Aid.

CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen's do not double manufacturer coupons.

As a Rite Aid employee all of your pay stubs will be mailed to your home. These pay stubs are also available to employees online. Employees are required to use automatic deposit for their paychecks.

Only if you want them to.

No that would be nasty

Unfortunately Rite Aid does not sell airsoft guns. But is a great provider of quality airsoft products and reliable service.

Rite Aid accepts all major credit and debit cards. Which includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. As well accepting card with the Star, Interlink or Maestro logo on it. Rite Aid also accepts JCPenney credit card.

i would like to work for Rite Aid because I'm great with people and i want to be part of its great hospitality and friendly environment.

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