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He probably is cuz he wuz in 8 Harry Potter movies & others that I probably don't even know about.

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Who plays Rupert Grint?

His name is Rupert Grint

Is Ed sheeran Rupert grint?

No, Ed Sheeran is Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint is Rupert Grint genuis.

Is Rupert grint on Facebook?

No, Rupert Grint does not have a facebook. There are many fake Rupert Grint accounts, but none belong to him.

Does RUpert Grint live in Hollywood?

No. Rupert Grint lives in England.

Did Rupert Grint passed away?

no, rupert grint did not pass away.

What college does Rupert Grint go to?

Rupert Grint has not gone to college.

Which religion is Rupert Grint?

The religion of Rupert Grint would be christian.

What is rupert grint Twitter id?

Sorry, Rupert Grint does not have one.

Does Rupert Grint smoke?

Rupert Grint did smoke but he doesn't anymore.

How did Rupert grint die?

Rupert Grint did not die. He was in the Hospital with the Swine Flu... poor Rupert. :(

What is the birth name of Rupert Grint?

Rupert Grint's birth name is Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint.

When was Rupert Grint born?

Rupert Grint was born on August 24, 1988.

Is ally Campbell dating Rupert Grint?

No, Rupert Grint is single. For now.

Who are Rupert Grint's parents?

Rupert Grint's mother : Jo GrintRupert Grint's father : Nigel GrintJoanne Parsons and Nigel Grint.

Does Rupert grint have a moshi monsters account?

Yes rupert grint does have a moshi monsters its rupert_grint_real and he also has another one rupert-grint-real

Does Rupert Grint have any brothers?

Rupert has one brother - James Grint - who is one year younger then Rupert

What is the age of Rupert grint?

Rupert Grint is 22 (born August 24, 1988).

How high is Rupert grint?

Rupert Grint is 5' 10" (1.78 M) tall

Is the news that Rupert Grint is dead just a rumor?

Yes, Rupert Grint is alive and well.

What part did Rupert Grint play in lion king?

Rupert Grint isn't in the Lion King

Did Rupert Grint die of Swine Flu?

Rupert Grint did have swine flu but he didn't die.

What school did Rupert Grint go to?

Rupert grint use to go to Richard hale school.

Who did Emma Watson first kiss?

I thing that is Rupert Grint but I thing that is not correct

Does Rupert grint have a Facebook?

No, Rupert Grint does not have a Facebook account. See related links for his fansite.

Where did Rupert grint do it?

it depends !! where did he do what :)

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