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Is Rush Limbaugh Catholic?

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No, Rush Limbaugh is not Catholic, his religion is Methodist.

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What nationality is Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is American.

How tall is Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is 5'11" tall..

Is Rush Limbaugh a freemason?

As of January 19 2010, Rush Limbaugh is not a Freemason.

When was Rush Limbaugh born?

Rush Limbaugh was born on January 12, 1951.

What is the birth name of Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh's birth name is Limbaugh III, Rush Hudson.

What does Rush Limbaugh earn?

Rush Limbaugh earns a salary of approximately $38 million.

What is rush limbaugh middle name?

His full name is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

Is Rush Limbaugh a father?

No, Rush Limbaugh does not have any children through his four marriages.

When can you listen to Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh can be heard from noon to 3:00 pm.

What is the duration of The Rush Limbaugh Show?

The duration of The Rush Limbaugh Show is 3 hours.

What is Rush Limbaugh's real name?

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh's full real name is Rush Hudson Limbaugh, III.

Is Rush Limbaugh in the hospital?

On December 30, 2009, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital in Hawaii.

How many planets are in orbit around Rush Limbaugh?

No planets orbit around Rush Limbaugh.

When was The Rush Limbaugh Show created?

The Rush Limbaugh Show was created on 1988-08-01.

Which media personality was once a speechwriter for Richard Nixon bill oreilly ben stien rush limbaugh or Larry king?

rush limbaugh...the answer is Ben Stien, not Rush Limbaugh!

What is Rush Limbaugh best known for?

Rush Limbaugh is best known for his influential opinion leadership in the conservative movement in the US, and he also host a show called; "The Rush Limbaugh Show".

Did rush limbaugh do the radio voice on Christmas story?

No it's not Rush Limbaugh. According to IMDB the actors name is Court Benson.

How old is Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is 66 years old (birthdate: January 12, 1951).

Is rush limbaugh a free mason?

There is no record of Rush Limbaugh being a Freemason as of 1/1/2010.

Did Rush Limbaugh ever play for the NY Jets?

No, Rush Limbaugh was never a professional football player.

Does Rush Limbaugh have children?


Does Rush Limbaugh have kids?


Who is worth more Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern?

Howard Stern; ($500 Million) - Rush Limbaugh; ($370 Million)

What is the weight loss program Rush Limbaugh is using?

Rush Limbaugh announced that he uses the Quick Weight Loss Centers.

What is Rush Limbaugh's income?

Rush Limbaugh has a net worth of $400 million dollars. Rush is the host of several radio talk shows including the Rush Limbaugh show.