Is S.E.O. a gazetted officer?

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yes .. he can attest you documents ....n legally valid ....
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What is a gazetted officer?

A gazetted officer is a civil servant and the authority to stamp comes from president of India. In India, Gazette is published on regular bases, it is a official Central Government Publication(nicked name Gazette). It publishes the promotions of of certain government official.

Who are the Gazetted Officers of government of India?

All A,B, C officers in India Government service and in State government service also any officer scale 1 and above in Union Government owned banks who's name is notified in the Gazette extraordinaire by the respective governments is termed as gazetted officers. In police : officers from Inspector ( Full Answer )

Is Ncc major a gazetted officer?

NCC is a youth cadet corp program in India. It is on volunteerbasis and aims to groom youth of the country to be better anddisciplined citizens. An NCC major is an associate NCC officer andis selected to be trained from amongst school and college teachers.He/she is not a gazetted officer.

Is a bank manager a gazetted officer?

No. In India, certain levels of government officials, police, and military are listed, or gazetted, by the government as qualified to perform certain critical attestation functions. The occupation of bank manager would not appear on these lists.. ( Full Answer )

Is postmaster a gazetted officer?

Post master is not an gazetted officer.There is no gazetted officer in postal department below the rank of Superintendent of post.

Is a notary advocate a gazetted officer?

yes,the notary is gazzetted officer in as much as central government published the list of notary as gazzetted officer in the gazzette notification published by the 1st week of january/2008 and a notary is also appointed by gazzete notification

Is Notary public is a Gazetted officer?

No. Notary public is not a governmner servent so he dont hav authority to do attestation of any doucument or any photocopy of the certification

Is doctor a gazetted officer?

yes doctor is a gazetted officer if he is a MBBS and working in a government institution.

Is an advocate an gazetted officer or not?

Advocate is a Gazetted officer ,He/She is the court officer ,whose names were published in Gazette all are Gazetted officers ,as the Advocates names also published in Gazette ,when they were enrolled as an advocate, as such Advocate is a Gazetted officer

List of gazetted officers in mumbai?

A gazetted officer is a civil servant and the authority to stampcomes from president of India. In India, Gazette is published on regular bases, it is a officialCentral Government Publication(nicked name Gazette). It publishesthe promotions of of certain government official. If a person's name is pu ( Full Answer )

Who all gazetted officer in India?

[This is a copy from another site] All India services, though posted to states; promotees from states to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner and above and to the cadre of All India services ; Police officers of Circle Inspector and above; Additional District Civil surgeons, Executive Engineers and ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a gazetted officer and a non-gazetted officer?

In Government of India, the posts are divided into two cadres, Gazetted (Section Officer, Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary & Secretary). This is the Officers cadre. The other one is Non-gazetted (Peon, Lower Division Clerk, Upper Division Clerk, Assistants). T ( Full Answer )

Is BSNL JTO a gazetted officer?

no it was Gazetted till 99 bt there after it's non Gazetted now..........SDO is Gazetted From Dev Kumar

List of gazetted officers in india?

Gazetted officers are higher ranked public servants. Magistratesand judges are typically gazetted officers. There are three groupsof gazetted officers: group A, group B, and group C.

First class gazetted officers in India?

a first class gazatted officer is one whose posting and promotion areannounced through the Gazatte of India. It includes 1. IAS/IPS and other civil service cadres 2. Lt( Army )/Sub. Lt (Navy ) and Flt.Lt (Air force) and abovr These officers are vested with the power to attest documents

Is dentist a gazetted officer?

yes all doctors and dentists who got registered are gazetted . in other countries Like in America Dentists are not designated as Doctors.Meanwhile in India According to Indian Dental Association Dentists can use prefix Dr and they can give attestations

What does Group A Gazetted officer mean?

Class I or Group A (Gazetted) - Public servants in PB 3 (Rs.15600-39100 with Grade Pay 5400) & above. Members of , though posted to states; State Government Services (selected through Public Service Commissions in States) or promoted public servants/ ( Full Answer )

Who are the gazetted officers in west Bengal India?

A Police Officer, Govt. Doctor ,Govt. Lawyer, Principal of a Govt School or College etc are gazetted officer. This list is valid not only for West Bengal but for whole India.

Definition of Gazetted officer in Pakistan?

Pakistan armed forces commissioned officers, junior commissioned officers and officers holding grade 17 and above in government service are said to be the gazetted officer.

Marking of attendance in case of gazetted officers?

By virtue of supervising the subordinate staff for whom an attendance register is maintained; as a token of verification the gazetted officers sign it at the end. No separate attendance is maintained for gazetted officers as such. T. Narayana Rao Welfare Officer (Retired) - Indian Audit & Accounts ( Full Answer )

Who are the gazetted officers in karnataka?

According to Rule 8 (20) of Karnanataka Civil Services Rules "A Gazetted Government Servant' is one who is a member of an All India Service or State Civil Service, Class I or II or a person appointed in accordance with the terms of a contract oragreement and whose appointment is Gazetted by Governme ( Full Answer )

Is hod a gazetted officer?

yes any one can be a Gazetted Officer it just takes 5min to make your HOD of your institution a Gazetted Officer.

Is an IIT faculty a gazetted officer?

No.The Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs )are a group of fifteen autonomous prestigious engineering andtechnology-oriented institutes of higher education established anddeclared as Institutes of National Importance by the Parliament ofIndia.Only direct government collages facultys are gazet ( Full Answer )

Is Junior Comissioned Officer of Armed forces of Bangladesh is gazetted officer?

THE ARMY ACT, 1952 ACT N O. XXXIX OF 1952 [13 th May , 1952] An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the Bangladesh Army. ♣♦♠ WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the Bangladesh Army; (9 ) "junior commission ( Full Answer )

Can retired gazetted officers can attest certificates?

in my opinion YES. because his name is already involved in the Official Gazette and Govt has given him Stamp of his name. so if he is attesting any documents than he wont attest without original.

What a gazetted officer means?

Gazetted Officer is a higher level ranked public servant . Authority for a gazetted officer to issue an official stamp comes from the President of India or governors of states or union territories. In India , " Gazette " is published on regular bases by The eGazette of India . It is ( Full Answer )

Is the govt pu college lecturer a gazetted officer?

Organisation . Gazetted Officer . Educational Insitutes . Lecturer in a Govt. College (1) . Prinicipal of a Govt. College (1) . Head Master of a Govt. School . Readers in a Govt. University . Librarians of Govt. Libraries . Defence . Technical Officer . Police . Addl. Commission ( Full Answer )

Can you know the gazetted officers in uttar pradesh?

Public Servants who belong to Gazetted Officers in Uttar Pradesh, India Group A: Assistant Professors (grade Pay 6,000 Rs. and 7,000 Rs) / Associate Professors (grade Pay 8,000 Rs. and more) Principals of Government Degree/PG Colleges only (equivalent grade Pay 10,000 Rs.) as per state servi ( Full Answer )

Is a Sub-Assistant-Engineer in West Bengal a gazetted officer?

The government of West Bengal abolished the system of classification of employees into Gazetted, Non-Gazetted and Fourth Grade Services vide GO No. 10606-F dated 25.09.1978 and grouping of services introduced. For more details visit the related links.

What exactly does S.E.O. define?

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Is an MLA be treated as gazetted officer?

No, it can never be treated as gazetted officer. There are many reasons and facts behind these like MLA are elected irrespective of their education qualification where as gazetted officers are selected for different purposes by keeping their educational qualification in mind, MLA are elected for def ( Full Answer )

Is state or central medical officer a gazetted officer?

Yes,a medical officer is a gazetted officer, if employed on a gazetted post the state or central govt. The gazette is an official document published by government of India on orders of President of India to award Gazetted post to officers.