Is SQL a high level language?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Yes, SQL is a high level language, since it allow us to get result without much going into Assembly level instructions, by using interpreter to change our statements/queries into machine level instructions!.

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yes java is high level language

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Q: Is SQL a high level language?
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What are the characteristics of high level languages?

What is high level programming language?The programming language that are close to human language are called high level programing languages. The characteristics of high level languages:Easy to learnEasy to find errorsMachine-IndependentAvailability of Library FunctionsShorter ProgramsWell-Defined Syntax and StandardSource code understandable by any other programe(Work by "Mamoon Aslam".

What are the simalarities of high and low level programming?

high level language; is a computer language that is near to human language. high level programming is a process of programming high level language.Example,c++,java,cobol are one of them. The reverse is true for the low level language.

Is the high-level language is also an object oriented program?

Not necessarily. Any language with an object-oriented approach will be a high-level language, but a high-level language does not have to use an object-oriented approach.

Why will you prefer low level language to a high level language?

A high level language naturally assumes the intentions of the programmer and thus blocks off many otherwise possible methods. For those that prefer to have a high level of control, a low level language is the obvious choice. The level of the language is inversely proportionate to the degree of control the programmer has. ie. low level language = high level of control, and vice versa.

What is mid level language?

A language that allows you to combine high-level programming with low-level programming. C and C++ are generally regarded as being mid-level languages.

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What is PLSQL?

The Oracle Corporation's application development language is PL/SQL. It is a superset of SQL that uses standard programming-language to supplement the SQL. PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language/Structured Query Language.

Can SQL be considered as a QUERY language?

The 'Q' and the 'L' in SQL standard for the words 'Query' and 'Language'. So yes. SQL can be considered a query language.

Embedded with high level language?

high level language for embedded

Is BASIC a high level language?

Yes, it is a High-Level Language

Is SQL a database or language?

sql is a computer language used to manage data in a database

Is scheme is an high level language?

Scheme is a functional programming language and a high level language.

What is meant by sql?

sql stands for structured query language.

Difference between high level language and low level language in tabular form?

high level language are easier to learn

High level to Machine level language is converted using?

high level language is converted to machine level language using a compiler or an interpreter

What is the name of the SQL language used in SQL Server stored procedures?

Transact SQL (TSQL)

What are PHP and your SQL?

PhP is a primarily web based scripting language. i don't know what your SQL is, but MySQL is a database server, that uses the SQL language.

What is sql and plsql?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and is a computer language designed for writing data manipulation or data management statements against a relational database. PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language/Structured Query Language which is Oracle's proprietary procedural extensions to the SQL language.