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Yes...her married name is Sandra Kisterkaya and she recently had a baby.
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What movies did Sandra Dee play in?

Answer . Go to this link: It's her page at the Internet Movie Database, where you can search by person or title, etc. You can click on each movie to see the other people in it, as well. You should bookmark that site because it is a great research tool!. Answ ( Full Answer )

Who was Sandra Murray?

Sandra Murray, professor of cell biology and physiology, the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine, Pittsburgh PA. In 1999, Murray became the first African-American woman to be named a full professor at the school, following her becoming the school's first tenured African-American professor ( Full Answer )

Who is Sandra moriarty?

Sandra Moriarty nee. Hanlon was born in Newcastle, NSW, Australia in 1972. She founded Sandra Stuffables Pocket Nappies in 2003. She currently resides in Newcastle with her husband Andrew and two children.

Where did Sandra Cisneros go to school?

Sandra Cisneros, the American writer, attended Loyola UniversityChicago, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She alsoparticipated in the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University ofIowa, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Swearing of Sandra day?

On September 25, 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the firstfemale justice of the US Supreme Court. She retired in 2006.

Who is Sandra bullock dating?

Sandra Bullock is married to Jesse James. No she is not he cheated on her (dummy that he is) and now they are divorced. According to rumors she is dating Ryan Ryenolds.

What is the meaning of Abuelito Who by Sandra Cisneros?

Abuelito actually means grandfather, not grandmother. . . just aslight correction. This poem is a nostalgic remembrance of a personwho was special to the narrator, and the person (the grandfather)seems to be failing in health. She is remembering the times she hadwith him...

Which movie did not feature Sandra Bullock?

New Answer: The Craft . Sandra Bullock has played a lot of roles in a lot of movies and with no description of the movie it is impossible to answer this question.

Does Sandra Cisneros have kids?

Sandra cisneros doesnt have any birth kids but she has an adopted one Sandra cisneros doesnt have any birth kids but she has an adopted one Sandra cisneros doesnt have any birth kids but she has an adopted one Sandra cisneros doesnt have any birth kids but she has an adopted one

When did Sandra Day O'Connor retire?

President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to the US Supreme Court in 1981. O'Connor, the first female justice on the Court, retired in January 2006 in order to spend more time with her husband, Jay, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Justice Samuel Alito succeeded Justic ( Full Answer )

Who is Sandra Izbasa?

Isbasa, is an artisit gymnast that competes for Romania. She has placed in three world championships and eight European championships.

What is Sandra Bullocks favorite movie?

Sandra's favorite movie is "Breakfast At Tiffany's". In fact during the movie "The Net" she even mentions this in the script.

Who is Sandra Copeland?

Sandra Copeland is the nameof the first wife of evangelist Kenneth Copeland, and the mother of his elder daughter, Terri Copeland Pearsons. I don't know what her maiden name was, nor do I know when she married Kenneth or how long they were married. I do know they were divorced for some time before K ( Full Answer )

What did Sandra O'Connor do?

She was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, serving on the bench from 1981-2006.

Is there a Saint Sandra?

Sandra is often a nickname for Alessandra. St. Catherine Dei Ricci was baptized as "Alessandra Lucrezia Romola" -- you might call her a "Saint Alessandra".

What is 'Sandra' in Italian?

Sandra is the same in Italian and in English. Specifically, the name is a feminine proper noun. It may be a nickname for Alexandra ( Alessandra ), which means "protector of man" or Cassandra , which means "entangler of men." The pronunciation is "SAHN-drah."

Who is Sandra model?

Sandra Model is an American model and actress. She either goes bythe names Sandra Model, Sandi Korn, or Sandra Taylor.

Who is Sandra orlow mom?

Sandra Orlow's mom is not known. Sandra's real name is Sasha SandraDurpfen, but little else is known about her.

Who is Sandra rose?

Sandra Rose is an American Blogger who comment's on mostly Black American Celebrities! Sandra is well known for her controversial comments! Sandra however has a big following! sandrarose.twitter

Who is Sandra Bollak?

Sandra Bullock is an actress. In movies such as The Blind Side, The Proposal, Speed, Crash, and Miss Congeniality.

Does Sandra Day O'Connor have a sister?

Yes. Former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, born in 1930, is the oldest of three children. The younger two, Ann and (Hollis) Alan Day, are about eight years younger than she. As of 2008, Ann Day worked for a county government in Arizona.

Is Sandra rochefort legit?

No, she is not. There should always be a sense of weariness for those who claim to 'have a psychic gift' then ask for money. Especially those that work in the public eye.

Is Sandra rochefort a legit psychic?

No, of course not, and anyone who has sent her money for anything will find that no matter how fast they send in for whatever she is advertising you will get, mysteriously never receives it until after the window she tells you that you will receive it in

What is Sandra Day O'Connors religion?

Her religion is listed as Anglican/Episcopalian. In the United States, the majority of these people belong to the Episcopal Church.

Is Sandra Day O'Connor married?

Yes. Sandra Day O'Connor was married to John Jay O'Connor in 1952. Her husband passed away in November 2009 from Alzheimer's Disease. They had three children.

Was Sandra Day O'Connor a lawyer?

Yes, Sandra Day O'Connor was a lawyer before she became a judge, and later the first female justice of the US Supreme Court.

Who is Sandra Alvarenga?

She was the drummer for Black Veil Brides and she left the band so now she is the drummer for Modern Day Escape.

Did Sandra crouch ever get married?

Married and divorced years ago. She has been living with anotherwoman for the past many years now and still lives with her. Gofigure..... More LBGT in the church that God will expose in the endfor all to see........and the smart ones will repent! Why do youassume that friends living together are inv ( Full Answer )

How did Sandra Bullock get her start?

Well, her first ever acting role was in the off-Broadway play No Time Flat. Director Alan Levi was impressed with her acting, so offered her a part in the TV film Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. The rest is history.

Is Sandra alvarenga gay?

(actually she is, Andy six said so in an interview) yes she is she said she was in her interviews honestly i think she is gay cuz when she was younger everyone made fun of her cuz she as a girl so i think she became like a gay oh i dotn know but in some of her pics she is with a girl and she look ho ( Full Answer )

Is Sandra out of Black Veil Brides?

Yes, Sandra is out of the band. She quit on September 4th. She wanted to join a more hardcore band then BVB, so she joined Modern Day Escape. Yes, Sandra quit Black Veil Brides. She was replaced by drummer Christian Coma (aka CC).

How old is Sandra 'Pepa' Denton?

Sandra 'Pepa' Denton is 48 years old (birthdate: November 9, 1969). * other reliable sources give her birth year as 1966 or even 1964

Is Sandra Alvarenga a boy?

No. I know that's a pretty simple answer, but its a straight forward question ^^

Does Sandra Echeverria speak English?

Yes she does!I watched a couple of videos of her speaking English and she actually speaks really good English. She obviously has an accent but you can totally understand every word she says.

Who is Sandra Black?

Do You Mean Sandra A l varenga? She Was The Drummer In Black Veil Brides In The Past:3

What Hebrew name is equivalent to Sandra?

Sandra is a variation of Alexandra, and it has no Hebrew equivalent. People with this name usually choose a Hebrew name with a similar sound, such as Sarah (שרה)

Does Sandra Bullock have a niece?

No she doesn't... her younger sister Gesine Bullock doesn't even have children. *Note: Atleast that's what it said on the Internet.*

What was Sandra Cisneros famous for?

Writing Caramelo, My Wicked, Wicked Ways, The House on Mango Street, Woman Hollering Creek and other short storias

Is Sandra bulluck a tomboy?

sandra bulluck plays tomboys in a lot of films i can only assume that someone that plays a tomboy that well is a tomboy in real life

Did Sandra orlow die?

She didn't die, and i wouldn't call it retired. she escaped thecycle of abuse her mom put her through. her mom (a wannabe amateurporn star) decided sexually exploiting her child would make hermore money then posing herself, so when someone who got abused byher mom for 13 years quits, it's not retire ( Full Answer )