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Is Santa Claus real?


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January 30, 2018 1:39AM

There are many opinions on this subject, and in general they can be broken down into three categories. The first group says that Santa is real, that he wears a red suit, and that he lives at the North Pole, making presents for kids and delivering them all over the world on Christmas eve in his sleigh. The second group says that he doesn't exist, and those things are impossible. The third group admits that he doesn't have a tactile presence, but that he is very real in the hearts and minds of parents and children and in the spirit of Christmas. Basically, that we as a society make him real.

Whatever your opinion, there is no doubt that Santa brings a lot of joy to the world.

Here are other opinions on Santa's existence:

  • Santa Claus is as real as one wishes him to be. If you believe in Santa then he is real. If you don't believe in him, then he isn't real. He is real as long as you believe.
  • No, sorry. He is just a character made up by adults to make their children more imaginative.
  • Yes, Santa Claus is real because he was already declared a saint. Therefore, if he is a saint, he can perform miracles such as giving gifts to good children.
  • I really think that Santa Claus is totally real. But I am only 6 years old so you might not believe me.
  • Totally not, it is just a silly rumor to get children to do what they are told.
  • Yes, he is real! Can anyone else give presents to good little girls and boys and make it home in time for dinner?
  • He is not real. Parents are the ones who put presents in the stockings.
  • Is Santa Claus real? Yes! Santa Claus is real! And I'm going to find him. I'm part of a growing team of "Santa Seekers" who intend to prove to the world that Santa Claus is real. We'll use science and faith respectively.
  • Santa Claus is totally, totally real. There are about 2 billion children in the world (people under the age of 18). But Santa doesn't appear to handle Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and Buddhist children. That reduces the workload on Santa to about 15%, now with a total of 378 million children is easier. He has 31 hours of Christmas time to do so. That is 91.8 million homes. He goes East to West because of time differences. So therefore he is real.
  • If you are more religious than most, then you would think yes, because he was actually declared as a Saint (Saint Nick) because of the miracle of delivering presents to good little boys and girls throughout the world that believe in him. But if you're a skeptic then most likely no, because as you grow older you come to realize that it is none other than your parents placing those presents under the tree (it was my mother's handwriting that did it in for me) but deep down it is a sense that it was like a childhood memory that even adults still cherish and present to their children's minds and hearts to help build their imagination and let them believe in something because as they grow older they tend to lose their sense of childlike innocence and it's a way of holding on.
  • Yes, Santa WAS a real man. He lived in Turkey.
  • The existence of Santa Claus is only as subjective as anybody else's.
  • If you are ten or under, yes he is. Don't worry about what others say. Go back to what you are doing. If you're older than 10 then Santa is the giving spirit of Christmas. It's about giving to others and being selfless. The spirit of Santa is in us all and as long as we remember what Christmas is really about, then yes he is real.
  • Santa Claus, in the United States, is real to almost every child. The story of this magical man that each year drops from the chimney with gifts, is born from a very real man named Nicholas,later called Saint Nicholas, who lived in the third century AD. He spent his life devoted to giving everything he had to those less fortunate.
  • Santa Claus is real to some people but not to others. He is real to all those who believe. Keep believing!
  • Santa Claus is 100% real... and no one is going to tell me otherwise! I love him! He is in the heart of every child in the world. He represents love and kindness and everyone should have respect for him. Saying that he isn't real is not only untrue it is heartbreaking for some children to hear that because when they hear it they think it's true and it IS NOT TRUE! All of you kids out there just like me this is my message for you: SANTA IS REAL AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT HE ISN'T BECAUSE BOTH ME AND YOU IN OUR HEARTS KNOW THAT'S HE IS REAL!
  • Santa is real and everyone knows it! he is so real because he has brought me presents every year and he will do the same every year. I love him too!
  • While the current idea of Santa Claus is highly stylized and fictional, Santa is based on a real person: Saint Nicholas of Myra who was Bishop of Lycia in the 4th Century. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children.
  • Santa is real if you believe in him. But if you don't believe in him, then he is not real.
  • I believe in Santa. I always say if you believe you receive.
  • No, sorry person. He was derived from a person named to be St. Nicholas, who was a bishop in Asia Minor. He gave toys to children, and wore red bishop's clothing. He also is believed to have dropped things down chimneys at night, to avoid being seen. But this was a long time ago and he died.
  • He isn't real. its your mom and dad. sorry but everybody has to learn eventually
  • Santa Claus is a fake character, just like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Adults just make up the stories to make their children's lives more imaginative.
  • Well, Santa Clause is sort of real and sort of not because St Nicholas is Santa Claus and he lived a long time ago and gave to the poor and the wealthy making gifts out of wood.
  • Santa is real if you want him to be. If you believe he is real then he is real. But if you do not believe in him then he's not real. It's your imagination.
  • No he is not real I'm sure he a legend to get kids like me more imaginative (I'm 10) although he was based on a real saint Saint Nick the patron saint of children.
  • No there is no Santa as we know him. Straight to the point. But there are nice people out there who are like mini Santas, So yes your mom or dad were buying the presents, there's no point writing letters. I actually cried when my mom first told me.
  • As far as reality, there was indeed a man now known as Santa Claus. The details of his charity have been somewhat skewed, but his legacy lives on in the form of Christmas tradition: donating toys to orphanages and poor children who would otherwise go without.
  • Santa is so real. No matter what any one else says, he is real.
  • He is, Santa is 100 percent real... I am not just saying this to make you believe he is...Don't forget to make cookies and give him milk.
  • I also live in the North Pole, I'm a elf. Santa is real.
  • Yes Santa is real! Who do you think gets you your presents? If any of your friends or kids from school, or even adults, say he isn't real.. They don't want people to believe because they don't believe anymore.. It's like God, some people do believe and others don't.
  • Umm sorry kiddies but Santa is as real as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He does not exist.
  • Well, it is all about what you believe, the magic of Christmas is special. I think Santa is a special thing, it brings all the magic to Christmas. Keep believing!
  • Maybe you should sit down and have a talk about that with your parents. as far as I'm concerned no there is no Santa.
  • Santa is the legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas. Santa is also a representation of the wise men who brought unto the the new born Christ gifts. It is not known when the giving of gifts became a commercial venture. We do know that Santa is now more important than the Christ child. This writer suspects that in some distant future even Santa will disappear and December 25 will just become a commercial venture
  • I am sorry, but Santa Claus is not real!
  • I believe that Santa Claus really DOES exist because... well let me just tell you a story. My mom was pulling in the road of our house and I was about seven so I still thought Santa was completely real. It was summer so I was out of school. I saw a red convertible pulling out of my road. he was wearing a red T shirt but white gloves, which was weird. he had glasses and he was fairly big. His long white beard covered his whole chin. I was staring at him, not believing it. then, he waved at me.
  • I'm sorry to tell you, but Santa Claus is not real. I'm really sorry for the disappointment!
  • Santa is not real. He is used to spread Christmas joy, a fun way to celebrate the holiday. He is not real. So the fat guy in red is a myth. Just a fun tale to believe!
  • I know that he is real because my mum saw him and there is videos on youtube showing proof! I have letters from him and there's no other person that I know that has his handwriting! I may be only ten but please believe me because I know he's real don't listen to what anyone says the person who called you a jerk, nerd, and stupid is obviously all of those things and can't be trusted and will die alone and live a sad life. Don't listen to them.
  • Santa is your parents but they lie and keep it a secret!
  • Yes Santa is real how else do you think your presents get under the tree.. they don't just appear there in the middle of the night. Actually Santa comes in the middle of the night on his beautiful reindeer and even though he's fat he shrinks himself down into size so he can fit in the chimney. If you don't have a chimney he pick locks your front door and if you don't have a front door he climbs through your window and if you don't have that you don't get presents.
  • Santa is real and I have proof. If Santa wasn't real, why is he known all around the world and who got the idea that Christmas was not about the gifts? The truth is, no matter how many of you out there don't think it's true, Santa is real. Also, if you check out video proof of Santa on youtube (it's a real camera set up with night vision), you will see nobody else in the room, a strange fading of a figure (Santa is the figure and I approved there were no actors), and cookies being eaten. I know Santa is real because one year (I swear this happened), I told my step-dad he'd get a lump of coal for Christmas (I was only joking). Then, on Christmas day, I found....a lump of coal on the table. Pure coal because when i picked it up my hands turned black. Of course if you STILL don't believe in Santa, that's alright with me. Just get a lump of coal this year, and then maybe you'll change your mind.
  • Hi everyone. I know a lot of people say Santa Claus is not real. Please don't ever believe them. Santa is real. Santa is the most real thing I know. Why would anybody ever want to stop believing? Never stop. If you take Santa Claus out of your life you are taking the magic right with you.
  • Yes, Santa Claus is real.
  • The truth is sadly, Santa Claus is not real. But he is still an imaginative, jolly, fun symbol of Christmas! My parents told me the shocking truth the other day.
  • Well of course he is REAL.
  • Believe what you wish but he isn't actually real.
  • No Santa Claus is not real. Sorry if you believe this. But it's your parents who put your gifts under the tree. What I think is that parents want to teach their children a lesson by putting gifts under the tree. So what they're saying is that it is better to give than receive. But... ST. Nick was real by giving Good children gifts. But there is no such thing as flying reindeer. if there were we would have superheroes by now. And your Dad maybe is eating the cookies you made for him. But who knows there may be a Santa Claus because a lot of people say ONLY the kids who believe in him get gifts. I wouldn't know because I never believed in Santa. my mom and family have always gotten me the gifts I wanted. So there is a 50-50 chance that Santa Claus is real. But my own opinion is that Santa Claus is not real. but I may be wrong.
  • The following is part of a famous answer given by a newspaper columnist in reply to a little girl called Virginia.Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no child-like faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished. Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!
  • Santa Claus is also known as "Saint Nicholas" He is known as a man with a long, white beard, a red coat with a black belt, and a red hat with a white, puffy ball at the end of it. Santa's story includes flying in a big, red sleigh on Christmas Eve, serving many presents to children all over the world. His reindeer, are magic and fly, and the lead reindeer is of course RUDOLPH!! Rudolph has a bright, red nose that leads the pack (reindeer) to where they need to go. Now the question is, " Is this possible?," "Is Santa real"? Well, lets see. Is it possible to have magic reindeer that fly in the sky? Can a man that big fit down a chimney? Can just one single man go around the whole world delivering presents in just one single night? Can a reindeer's nose glow? Are there such things as reindeer or are they just regular deer? Does Santa have elves that make his toys? Think about all these questions and then YOU decide if this is imaginable, possible, or REAL.
  • If you believe in Santa then he is real but if you do not believe in Santa then he is not real to you, Its really up to you if Santa is alive or not, only if you believe in him he is alive to you, a lot of children like me believe in Santa but some people might tell you that Santa Claus is not real, i do not listen to people when they say that, you go with what you believe in not what other people believe in.
  • The answer, too has to do with what do you mean by is Santa real? Are you asking is there one man who lives at the very place that the North Pole is located? Are you asking if Santa is a wee elf? Can he see everyone like God can? Some of those ideas just come from children's stories and songs and are just made up. Santa is not like God.
  • Is Santa a real person? I know that the Santa that comes to my house is a real person, but we also have Mommy Claus, Daddy Claus, Grandma Claus and several youngsters in our Claus family. We have never lived at the North Pole, but we know about snow and being a Santa's helper.
  • Yes because when I was 2 I slept with my mum and dad and I didn't go to sleep they didn't go anywhere so Santa delivered them.
  • Well I'm sorry to say my parents told me he's not. I want to believe in him; I've always believed in him. That was only a month ago that I believed. Why did I have to ask that question a month before to ruin my Christmas? Anyways, they told me he WAS real but he died or something like he just couldn't go around the whole world. I also have seen on YOUTUBE that people show they caught him on tape. I'm not sure if It's fake or not. But sorry, I think that he's not real. Sorry.
  • I believe Santa is as real as you want him to be; if you don't believe then that's ok. I think that until the age of 10 you should believe. Never stop believing!
  • He is not real I'm afraid but anyone can just get a Santa costume so no one really plays him just random people who want to do it.
  • Yes, he is real. If you are good, you can usually count on receiving a gift from Santa at Christmas.
  • I would say that I believe that there really was a very nice man named Nick and he just walked up to random people to give them a nice Christmas gift. I think that when he passed away his spirit probably carries along his joy and love to all the little boys and girls of the world. He brings you one present every year and then all of the others that say, "From Santa," are really just from your parents. You will never know which is which but you will always know that Santa comes to your house and gives you your one special present every year.
  • I believe that Santa is real. Family is going through really bad money problems and every year there is a tree filled with presents. I know my parents couldn't afford half of that stuff and it must of been Santa!
  • This question will get answered any number of ways, some people believe with all their heart that Santa is real and other people believe there is no Santa. Just like some people believe that Jesus is real and others do not. As you grow up, you will be able to make this decision for yourself. I'm grown up and I have not stopped believing in Santa. I know he has other helpers that dress like him, I know my mom and dad would sometimes get me presents to help Santa and the elves, but I believe that the Spirit of Santa helps make all of that happen.
  • Santa is most certainly real. Santa is ALL the love that is the real gift behind all the love and gifts you receive during the holiday season!

Children can choose if they want to belive in santa or not be he always lies in your mind

it blocks it down into two catagories

1: if children chose to belive in him he is real in there hearts and world

2 : if children choose not to sata is not a real person

real real real answer : shhh .. santa isn't real but St nicholas is and that's who santa is ... St nicholas !!

I think he is fake because of the fact that when i was 8, I left a note by my chimney saying 1 thing that I wanted. That was a small little beyblade. But then 2 years later, my friend had to give me the beyblade because he knew santa was fake. Though I still say Santa is real because I don't want to break any hearts. Though I broke my crush's heart and now I hate her because of the likes she has. St. Nicholas is SANTA~!
hes not now go get a life
The stupidity of this question if it could be put into size and weight would be astronomical. i don't know how many more kindergardeners are going to ask this, But no. He's most certainly not real! can you live on the North Pole where it's FRICKIN cold and The ice is melting? NO! It's too cold to sustain human life, or almost no life for that matter. This is stupid! Saint Nicholas existed, but Santa is a load of (sorry kids but it's the truth A LOAD OF CRAP.
no sadly santa is not real parents get the gifts for their children not santa clause
santa is real because i sent a letter to him with my class and igot the letter back!
Yes. Mostly to ages 1-8. But when you get even a little bit older you start to not believe in Santa.
Yes, santa is real.
There is a real santa claus in Virginia.

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The September 21, 1897 edition of the New York Sun says yes, and I have to agree.

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Of course. Whether he is an individual or a community of people working together for the common good and happiness of all, it's all still real, right?

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Yes, santa is real.