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AnswerNo one knows where Satan is, I just figured he's like God - he's anywhere and everywere, and also telling you to do things wrong and you just have to tell him no I'm not going to do that.


I think Satan lives in a Univerrse like ours with the same Earth but in a firey and horrid way. The same for God. and the gates connect our worlds to theirs. So the gates of Hell could be in the darkest place of The Universe.

AnswerIt is evident that Satan is most interested in deceiving people. Since people are not in the center of the earth, Satan would not be there but wherever it suits him in terms of his purpose of deceiving people. It is also evident that Satan does not possess the quality of omnipresence as almighty God does. Thus, he cannot be everywhere at once, although, as a spirit, he can certainly move around as he so desires. The first chapter of Job supports these conclusions.

If you are referring to the idea some have of hell being in the center of the earth, then he would not be there either, since Satan has not yet been finally cast there, even if that is where it is.

Satan is not everywhere unlike Jesus Satan can only be in one spot at a time. No one knows where Satan is only the ones who have perished know this answer.

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Q: Is Satan in the center of the earth?
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