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Is Satan in the center of the earth?

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AnswerNo one knows where Satan is, I just figured he's like God - he's anywhere and everywere, and also telling you to do things wrong and you just have to tell him no I'm not going to do that.


I think Satan lives in a Univerrse like ours with the same Earth but in a firey and horrid way. The same for God. and the gates connect our worlds to theirs. So the gates of Hell could be in the darkest place of The Universe.

AnswerIt is evident that Satan is most interested in deceiving people. Since people are not in the center of the earth, Satan would not be there but wherever it suits him in terms of his purpose of deceiving people. It is also evident that Satan does not possess the quality of omnipresence as almighty God does. Thus, he cannot be everywhere at once, although, as a spirit, he can certainly move around as he so desires. The first chapter of Job supports these conclusions.

If you are referring to the idea some have of hell being in the center of the earth, then he would not be there either, since Satan has not yet been finally cast there, even if that is where it is.

Satan is not everywhere unlike Jesus Satan can only be in one spot at a time. No one knows where Satan is only the ones who have perished know this answer.

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Satan is on earth now.

God cast him out of heaven.

Satan was thrown out of heaven, and came to earth.

Potentially anywhere on earth

the vatican( luke 10.18) I beheld satan as lightning falling from heaven

In the center of the Earth. Where did you THINK it was?

The center of the Earth is called the core. The core is in the center of the Earth.

Job 1.7 The Lord said to Satan, "Where have you come from?"Satan answered the Lord, "From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it."

Satan rules Hell which is Earth. When the resurrection comes, the Lord/ Jesus will take his followers to Heaven and leave the others who don't believe behind on earth which is HELL!

The Earth is nearly spherical.The center of the Earth is geometrically the center of the sphere.The center is about 6,370 kilometers below the Earth's surface.In religious terms, Muslims identify Mecca is the center of the Earth.equator

The center of the earth is the inner core.

The core is in the center of the Earth.

The geometric center and the center of mass of the Earth are essentially the same point.

satan, selfishness, and stupidity

Probably not in the literal sense.

?I was looking for the average distance from the center of the earth. From the center of the Earth to *what*, sea level? The top of Kilamanjaro?

Satan and his wife a pure virgin christian who was raped and had a child = a son for Satan to defy christ who was gods son. supposedly the ender of earth during the holy wars

the center of the earth is made of iron

"Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne

No. Nothing lives in the center of the earth.

Satan was banished before Adam and Eve and the creation of the Earth, so it was before time began.

Satan DOES NOT sit near God. He dwells on earth as this moment that we speak and in future he will punished in hell.

Satan is the only name. People on earth have given demons many names for these "demonic like" people or souls which roam the earth. Satan is the one and only demon, people choose to do "demonic" things to be like Satan or choose their destiny with an Angel stricken from the Heavens by the Lord God.

this is the earth-quake center...

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