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Yes it is Shaquille O''Neal

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Q: Is Shaquille O'Neal in the mcdonalds mcrib commercial?
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Is Shaquille O'Neal in the mcrib commercial?


What song plays in the commercial for the McDonalds mcrib?

"love" by Matt white

What is the song that plays during the McDonalds Commercial for the McRib?

Love by Matt White

What song is in the Arby's commercial?

It's not Arby's. It's Mcdonalds mcrib commercial and the song is Love by Matt White

Who is the girl that says she married a 14 year old in the McDonalds mcrib commercial?

Allyn Rachel

Who is the actress in the new mcdonalds mcrib commercial?

Allyn Rachel who is a member of the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater.

What is the song from the new McRib commercial?

is the name of the song in the new McRib commercial!! It is a very cute song!! I don't think that it belongs in a commercial about a nasty McDonalds food, but whatever atleast we found out about it!!!

Who is the girl in the new McDonalds McRib commercial?

The song is "Love" by Matt White. The commercial features a guy and girl that look like they are about to kiss but then they start eating a McRib instead. See the related link for the YouTube video of the commercial.

What is the McDonalds commercial song that goes-and love such a foolish game to play-for the mcrib sandwich?

this song is called "love" by Matt white

Where can you buy a McRib sandwich at McDonalds in the US?

There are 500 calories in one McDonald's McRib sandwich.

How many fat grams are in a McRib sandwich at McDonalds?

There are 26 grams of fat in the McDonald's McRib sandwich.

What is the song in the McDonalds McRib ad?

"Love" by Matt White