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No, but they work together.

Simon Fuller is the creator of American Idol and Simon Cowell is a judge on the show.

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Q: Is Simon Fuller related to Simon Cowell?
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Who is the creator of American Idol?

Simon Fuller & Simon Cowell

How is Simon Cowell related to Telituubbies?

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Why does it say Simon Fuller instead of Cowell at beginning of American Idol?

Simon Fuller who is a television producer created American Idol.

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No, althought concidentally her husband is called Simon. As far as I know they are not related but could be. Distantly

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When was Simon Cowell born?

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Bmg exec Simon cowell and british impresario Simon fuller created what british tv series which was soon exported to the us?

Pop Idol

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In which town was Simon Cowell born?

Simon Cowell was born in Brighton, UK.

What is Simon Cowell's real name?

Simon Phillip Cowell is his real name

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