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The question of what is "right" depends on your personal values. My own value system says adult stem cell research is "right" while embryonic stem cell research as it has been performed thus far is "wrong." It is wrong because it is funded by tax dollars, has produced no tangible results, and it requires the taking of a human life to perform. 60 years ago, the Nazi government researcher Dr. Joseph Mengele was put on trial and convicted for performing forced experiments on human subjects many of whom died in the experiment.

Several see embryonic stem cell research in a similar light. It is performed using subjects that did not volunteer, all of the subjects whose stem cells are harvested die, and it requires government funding. My own view is tempered a bit. I believe embryonic stem cell research could be justified if it was the only way such research could occur and if it showed promise. It is not the only way to perform such research and it does not show promise.

Thus far, embryonic stem cell research has cost billions, resulted in the indictment of Korean researcher Hwang Woo-Suki and his research team on fraud and embezzlement charges, and produced no tangible results while requiring the taking of a human life to perform. Yet it is still being funded by the US government and a few state governments.

On the other hand adult bone marrow stem cell research, while still experimental, has produced several cures including the first patient considered to be "cured" of AIDS. The experimental cures range from blood cancers to bone disease. This research has been accomplished largely with private research funds and does not require the taking of a human life and in fact can be performed with a patient's own stem cells.

In 2008, adult stem cells were used to grow a section of a human trachea which was transplanted in the stem cell donor's body with success.

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Q: Is Stem Cell research right to humanity?
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