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no .

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Q: Is Sugar is a component of nucleic acids?
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Is a sugar a nucleic acid?

No, although there is a sugar (pentose) in nucleic acids.

Is adenine a nucleic acid?

No, adenine is a component of nucleic acids, but isn't a nucleic acid itself.

Is sugar a component of Nucleic acid?

no .

What is the monomer of Nucleic Acids?

monomer of nucleic acids are a sugar, phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base

What do nitrogen do to plants?

it is the main component of proteins and nucleic acids. hence for a plant to synthesise proteins and nucleic acids, N is required

Why nitrogen essential to life?

Because it is a key component of amina acids and nucleic acids

What are the two polymers of nucleic acids?

DNA's sugar is deoxyribose, and RNA's sugar is ribose. (DNA = deoxyribose nucleic acid, RNA = ribonucleic acid)

Does nucleic acid contain lactose and potassium?

no. nucleic acids have a ribose as its sugar. A ribose is a five carbon sugar. Lactose is a 6 carbon sugar and from this, we can say that it is not a ribose. Nucleic acids contain phosphorus but not potassium.

Are there amino acids in nucleic acids?

No. Nucleic acids are formed by a sugar (ribose or deoxyribose), a phosphate group and nitrogen base (purines and pyrimidines).

What are the components of nucleic acids?

The components of nucleic acids are nucleotides, which contain a five-carbon sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base.

Which macromolecules have a basic unit that composed of phospate a sugar ring and one of five different bases?

nucleic acids

What is DNA a form of?

DNA is De oxy ribo nucleic acidSo it is a form of two oxygen, a ribose sugar, and nucleic acids(So it is a form of nucleic acids)