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South Africa does not celebrate Thanksgiving. That is an American holiday.

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What season is Christmas celebrated in South Africa?

... its still celebrated on the same day... and christmas is in the winter in america... so its winter in south africa too ... lol

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in Brazil?

Brazil dos not have a thanksgiving holiday, so it is not largely celebrated.

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in US?

ThanksgivinG is celebrated by eating turkey And fatty foods so i call it :D

In which season was Thanksgiving celebrated?

Thanksgiving is in November, so the fall/autumn.

What is 'Thanksgiving' in Dutch?

There is no Dutch translation for the word Thanksgiving, because it's not celebrated in the Netherlands. So you just say 'Thanksgiving'.

Why was Native American so important?

they celebrated the first thanksgiving

What is the date for Thanksgiving in France?

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in several countries, including the United States. In USA Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, so the date in France would be the same. The French people, however, do not celebrate an official 'Thanksgiving'.

What is the Largest land area country in South Africa?

South Africa is a country in southern Africa. So the largest country in South Africa is - South Africa.

Which countries in South Africa has the highest Christian population?

South Africa is a country so I would say South Africa has the highest Christian population in South Africa.

What is so significant about the name South Africa?

The name is very clear. In the south of Africa, lies a country. There are no other countries in Africa more south than it. So its called South Africa. There is also West Africa, North Africa, East Africa and Central Africa. Those are regions, not countries. The region in the south is called Southern Africa, to avoid confusion with the country.

Why is coal so important to the countries in South Africa?

South Africa IS a country. South Africa uses coal powered electricity stations so our electricity comes from coal

Why is the springbok the national emblem of South Africa?

because south Africa has so many of them :)

How far is Africa to South Africa?

South Africa is a country in the continent of Africa, so the distance is zero of whatever measurement you choose.

Is Thanksgiving celebrated only in the US?

No, it is celebrated in other countries such as Canada.The basis to Thanksgiving in America are unrelated to the other Thanksgiving holidays. The reason it is unrelated is because Thanksgiving was to celebrate the co mingling and help the native Americans gave to the Pilgrims. By showing them how to make a crop live long enough to be fruit full. So in Essenes thanksgiving is only an American holiday.

Where is Lesotho?

Lesotho is located in South Africa, so the bottom of Africa. It is entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.

Was South Africa ever occupied by a foreign country or continent?

Yes, South Africa was colonised by British, so i guess they occupied South Africa.

Does South Africa have any famous people if so who?

nelson Madela is famous in South Africa

Why is south africa so rich?

a large diamond industry is what keeps south africa afloat

Why did he make Thanksgiving day this day?

many people died on that day so they celebrated thanks for there lives

Has Thanksgiving day ever been celebrated on November 29?

UMM i think the first thanksgiving was like for a week so it might have been on the 29 :) hope this helps!

Is Africa or SA bigger?

If by SA you mean South America, then Africa is bigger. If by SA you mean South Africa, then South Africa is in Africa, being one of over 50 countries in Africa, so obviously Africa is much bigger.

What does mearkat mean in soulth Africa?

Meerkats original come from south Africa, so meerkat means meerkat in south Africa

IF it is winter in southern Africa what season is it in northern Africa?

North Africa is in the Northern Hemisphere and South Africa in the Southern Hemisphere, so if it is winter in South Africa it will be summer in Northern Africa.

Which country celebrate Thanksgiving?

Only America and Canada celebrate thanksgiving as it is a holiday were they celebrate the day that they Pilgrims came to America and celebrated by having a feast with some Native Americans. So only America and Canada celebrate thanksgiving.

Is South Africa a capitalist state?

south africa is a democratic state,therefore democracy drives capitalism so south africa is a capitalist state which allows free trade

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