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Is The light was on an adjective?


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"The light was on" is a complete sentence. "On" is the adjective.


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The superlative form of the adjective 'light' is lightest.

Yes it can be an adjective. For example, I can say that "her skin tone is very light." The word light is describing her skin, and therefore it is an adjective. The word "light" can also be used as a noun or verb.

The word "light" is a noun, and the word "bright" describing it is an adjective.

Yes, dark can be an adjective: with little or no light.

I would not hyphenate in this sentence: "I was put on light duty." Here "light" is an adjective modifying the noun "duty." I would use a hyphen when together they form an adjective: "I was given a light-duty job."

Light as a noun is luz. Light as a verb is acender. Light as an adjective is leve.

Yes it is, referring to a source of light or reflected light. It is an adjective form of the noun 'glare' meaning brilliant, or causing glare.

Noun, as in "turn on the light" Adjective, as in "the box is light" Verb, as in "light the way".

light - adjective rain - noun

The word light is a noun. It is also a verb and an adjective. Examples:Noun: The light was fading when we decided it was time to leave.Verb: We will light the fire when it gets dark.Adjective: You only need a light jacket, it's not very cold.

The word 'light' is a noun (light, lights), a verb(light, lights, lighting, lighted or lit), and an adjective(light, lighter, lightest). Examples:noun: The light in here is not very good, I'll turn on the light.verb: It's time to light the grill, everyone is hungry.adjective: We had a light lunch with some lightconversation.

Light as an Adjective …The is a light backpack.Let's go out for a quick, light lunch.etc.

The word light is a noun (light, lights), a verb (light, lights, lighting, lighted), and an adjective (light, lighter, lightest).Examples:The check-engine light is on again. (noun)We're going to light a campfire to roast marshmallows. (verb)I prefer the light green drapes. (adjective)A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Example: The check-engine light is on again. It should be checked at the service station. (the pronoun 'it' takes the place of the noun 'light' in the second sentence)

The adjective form for the verb trip is trippingly, a light, quick step or rhythm.The noun trip does not have an adjective form. The word trip can be used as an adjective, for example my trip photos.

No, the word "light" can be used as an adjective or a noun. "lightly" can be used as an adverb.

Yes: as in "a dim light". It is also a verb.

Busy is the adjective form. Example use:You must wait for the light to change, this is a busyintersection.

It is wrong to use the word "Jew" as an adjective. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a Jewish light.

"Light" as in "not heavy" is an adjective. Example: The student decided to take the light book instead of the heavy book. "Light" as in "to light a fire" is a verb.

Light, navy, creamy, dark etc

The human color skin was light

The word blonde can be a noun (blonde-haired female) or an adjective meaning of a light color (referring to women or hair). When referring to a male person, the noun and adjective is blond.

Since an adjective is a descriptive word, then "dark" green, "light" green, and "bright" green would all be adjective forms of green because they describe green. Also, "green" is itself an adjective, so the "adjective form of green" is simply "green."

It can be either an adjective or a noun. It is usually used as a noun as in "There was an incident last night"However, it can also be used as a adjective. For example, when light is reflected you get an incident ray and a reflected ray.

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