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According to China, Tibet is a part of China.

According to Tibet, many of them would like to be an independent country.

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Q: Is Tibet in china or is Tibet china?
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What kind of government does Tibet have?

The country of Tibet has an autonomous government that reports to China. Tibet is thought to be a part of China but Tibetans say Tibet is an independent country.

How did the conflict between china and Tibet start?

Tibet and Okinawa used to be part of china

Who controls Tibet?

China, for now. But Tibetans are fighting everyday to free Tibet from China's invasion

What is the status of Tibet?

Tibet is an autonomous region of China.

Which neighbouring country took over Tibet and when?

China is the neighboring country that took over Tibet in 1950. Tibet had previously, in 1913, declared itself independent from China.

What part of china is Tibet?

Tibet is a region of the People's Republic of China located northeast of the Himalayas.

What claim did China use to justify invading Tibet in 1950?

that Tibet was legally a part of China

Why isn't Tibet in the Olympics?

China illegaly took over tibet, so They want it to be china, just more china

Why isn't Tibet a country on the map?

Tibet is a region that is part of China. China considers Tibet to be an autonomous region within its borders, while some Tibetans and international observers advocate for Tibet's independence. Therefore, on most official maps, Tibet is shown as part of China, not as a separate country.

What nation is Tibet part of?

Tibet is considered part of China.

Why does Tibet want to be independent from China?

Becaue China is a financially unstable Plus Tibet doesn't like china communist party

What is the name of line separating China and tibet?

The name of the line separating China and tibet is McMahon Line.