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Is Tiger Woods American Indian?

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yes Tiger Woods is native American

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What is nationality of Tiger Woods?

tiger woods nationality is american.

Is Tiger Woods American?

Yes, Tiger Woods is an American, although he is of mixed descent.

Does Tiger Woods have Native American ancestry?

Yes, Tiger Woods' father Earl Woods was 1/4 Native American, so Tiger is 1/8 Native American.

Tiger Woods declaration about his ethnicity?

He calls himself Cablinasian. Caucasian, Black, (American) Indian and Asian.

Is Tiger Woods step mother African American?

Tiger Woods' mother is Kultida Woods, he does not have a step mother.

Is Tiger Woods is mother from India?

No, she has no Indian ancestry.

Is Tiger Woods Chinese?

Tiger Woods is an American, however his mother Kultida is 1/4 Chinese, so technically Tiger Woods is 1/8 Chinese.

What is ethnicity is Tiger Woods?

Asian/African American

What is the name of Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend that was an African-American?

Tiger never had an African American girlfriend. period.

Who is the highest earning sportsman in the world?

Two of the highest earning sportsman in the world are American golfer Tiger woods and Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar

Were did Tiger Woods go to school?

Tiger Woods attended college at Stanford University. It was here that he was named an All-American on a golf scholarship.

What nationality is Tiger Woods?

He is an American, his Mom was from Thailand.

Is Tiger Woods an African American?

He is 1/4 African American on his father's side.

What ethnicity is Tiger Woods?

Tiger woods is 25% Chinese, 25% Thai,25% African American,12.5% American Indian and 12.5% Dutch. I believe that makes him half Asian and one Quarter African American. In my opinion, He's an American and the son of a decorated retired officer of the Army. Like most Americans, he is of mixed ethnicity which is what makes our Country a great country to live in!

Is Tiger Woods hispanic?

His father was African American. His mother is Thai.

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