Is Tunisia safe Explain?

The answer should be Yes. Tunisia is well known for being peaceful and empty of social and national troubles.
First, Tunisia and the other countries. Tunisia have been internationnaly known of its friendly relationships to all foreign countries as well as Arab ones, and it is always neutral in its political positions.
Second, Religiously speaking the majority of Tunisians are Muslims "Sunnah" and very centrists. there are Christian communities as well as Jew ones and there are mosques , Churches and senagogs. There are no by any means fanatics is Tunisia, because the gouvenment and laws prohibit fanatism and even the "sunnah" prohibits it.
Third, Tunisia and foreigners. Any one who comes to Tunisia will be very astonished by the homey and humble behaviour of Tunisians towards him. I personally as a Tunisian cannot deny that some of the youth here are stalcking to tourists so that they can go outside Tunisia... that's another subject, but what is important is that Tunisias are not harmful.
Fourth, the system. there is always security in Tunisia wherever you go. you'll find police man who are well partitionned to take care of parazites and problems though problems are not very common. the polica and civil protection in Tunisia are very important for the gouvernment and well applied in real life.
Now back to the international level; Tunisia is in a good relationship with the European community and the USA, many exchanges are occurring even for students and brains :)
Now some shortcomings. As it is the case in any country there are some regions that are full of bad people and unstable life and they are always treated by the gouvernment but they can't be totally neutralised.
I'm a Tunisian from the capital and I'll include a list of really bad cities, watch out from people who live there, i should not generalize but the majority is dangerous, they are :
Ettadhamon (solidarity city)
El Mallassine
some areas of Ariana like Lebhar lazreg
I just included them for they are well known of their unsecure environment but there is always gouvernment and police care.Thank you. if you want more clarification contact me through my profile here in