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There are elements of both individualism and collectivism in Turkey. It's a mixture. I would estimate that it is somewhat more collectivist than it is individualist.

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Q: Is Turkey individualistic or collectivist
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Is Canada collectivist or individualistic?

Depends on the area. Urban areas of Canada are collectivist but many rural areas are individualistic. Trapping and hunting, even farming in some areas and Canada's remote forests, has attracted individualistic people and as a result created a very individualistic culture in which there is respect for the rights of the individuals and expectations of self reliance.

Is Mexico individualistic or collectivist?

According to the 6-D model, Mexican society tends to be collectivist, meaning they commit not only to themselves and their immediate family, but also to the extended family, group and extended relationships.

How do you define Indian society?

I'm assuming you are speaking of India and not Native Americans. I suppose I would say they are collectivist as opposed to western society that is more individualistic. They are very much about their families.

Is Spain a Collectivist Society?

If the definition of Collectivism is watered-down to the point where democracy is collectivist, then Yes, Spain is collectivist. However, Spain does not have the socialist institutions like the Welfare Apparatus in Scandinavian Countries or the Kibbutzim of Early Israel which are often considered "Properly Collectivist", so the answer should be No.

Is Greece a collectivist culture?

Greece is currently considered to be right in the middle of the individualistic-collectivistic spectrum. Greek natives that once migrated to the U.S. are moving back to Greece. This has impacted the family relations in regards to nuclear and extended families. SAGE Publications: Changing Family Values in Greece

Are individualistic and socialistic two kinds of cultures distinguished by psychologist?

false collectivistic and individualistic are the cultures

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No, it is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Is Canada an individualistic country?


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The collectivist farms created in the Soviet Union did not produce as much food as the individually owned farms had previously produced.

What is another name for a collectivist economy?

Command Economy

Is Spain a collectivist culture?

No. Spain is an individualist culture.

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greedy, individualistic

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