Is Twilight a 12

Updated: 3/22/2024
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I'am a 12 year old and I'm one of the biggest twilight fans ever. I think there great books i have read them all twice and I'm on new moon for the 3rd time. I also think the movie is a great movie i own it and have seen it 18 teen times. I belive that twilight is a very appropiate book for anyone 10 and older!

I am a 13 year old and I still think I was too young to read the last book. Never the less a 11 year old. Yes I am mature and my mom has defidentally taught me up on the miracle of life, but Breaking Dawn was too mature for me. My mom advised against me reading it, but it really is like a drug, the books are so addictive and you read them in like a week because you can't put it down. While reading this book, I felt like I was Bella (or as any reader might feel like in a good book). I wanted her to get what she wanted. After I read the book my mom talked about it with me, and I realezed that I had been sculpting my image of happiness and love around this. Aparently I hadn't completely learned how life was created (aka i only learned the "parts" and not on sex). I was horrified to read about her getting hurt and headboards getting broken, never the less when it was time for the birth...ew... That crepped me out and never wanted to go through child birth. I think that if your going to give this book to your child, wait until they are 13+ (and please fill them in on all the "details" of sex and not just the organs please :D)

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Twilight, the novel by Stephenie Meyer, is typically classified as young adult fiction, suitable for readers aged 12 and up. However, some parents may prefer to review the content before allowing younger readers to engage with the material due to themes of romance and fantasy.

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Twilight is a 12a. Which means you have to be with a adult if you are under the age of 12.

twilight the book was made for teenagers, and all the others in the series, so ask an adult first. the movie is rated PG13, so you should probably watch it with an adult if you are 12 or younger, but its not PG13 for bad language or violence, mainly its cuz its a love story.

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Q: Is Twilight a 12
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