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Vanessa Hudgens

Is Vanessa Hudgens married?


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No, Vanessa Hudgens is not married.

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Vanessa Ann Hudgens married Zac Efron.

To date, Vanessa Hudgens has never married.

Vanessa Hudgens is unmarried.

Zack and Vanessa Hudgens are engaged but vanessa mum won't allow itNo

They aren't married.. just dating

Vanessa is getting married to Zac Efron in September 2009

Zac efron is already married, with vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens is spelt Vanessa Hudgens.

no because sh is not married

Yes. Zac Efron proposed to Vanessa Hudgens..You can call her now Vanessa (Anne) Efron. Because their married!!!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Vanessa Anne Hudgens!!!!!

Vanessa Hudgens' full name is Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

No, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron broke up in December 2010.

It is said they are getting married on a beach in hawaii.

No, she doesn't. Vanessa and Zac are getting married. It was on Ellen, and Zac and Vanessa went on and told everybody that they are getting married.

vanessa hudgens is bisexual

Vanessa hudgens is christian

where does Vanessa Hudgens get her shoes

No Vanessa Hudgens is not a lesibien.

they r married they got married last fall

soon will be cause they are engaged!

Stella hudgens is vanessa hudgens sister she looks abitt like vanessa

Zac didn't marry.He is dating with Vanessa..:)

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