Is Venom or Carnage stronger?

Carnage is stronger than spider-man and venom combined. He can lift over 50 tons , and he never seems to tire. His alien symbiont is constantly supplying him with new energy , and it heals any wounds. Plus carnage has an advantage , though venom must stay physically linked to his symbiont , carnage can separate parts from his costume and use them as weapons. Carnage has been known to create sharp objects such as machetes or spears and hurl them at his victims.

Hope this helped.

Venom can get more angrier which makes him stronger, bigger, and faster.

if it was a fight between carnage and venom, venom would win because, like hulk, the angrier he gets faster and stronger. The only reason carnage might win is if carnage suddenly became several times stronger.

carnage would win because if venom hits him nothing will happen be if carneg hits venom venom hit get hurt