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Yes, Video Games are considered a sport.

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Q: Is Video Games considered a sport?
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Related questions

Why are video games considered a sport?

There not

Why sport is better then video games?

It's not.

Are video games and computer games both considered computer games?

No. Video games that are played on a console are generally not considered "computer games" because the game console is usually not considered a proper "computer." Both games are classified as "video games", however.

Is cheerleeding a sport?

No, it is simply an activity. It's like saying is playing video games a sport.

Are the sims 2 games considered as video games?

Yes they are on video game systems and you can play them!

Whats the best game?

battlefield badcompany2 There's no such thing as the "best game" because you may be talking about video games, sports, or outside games like tag or "hide-and-go-seek". For video games, certain websites review and rate video games. "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" was considered the best video game in history. Also, since sports are considered games, soccer was considered the most played sport in the world. Yeah i agree but i think the asker was asking about pc games or virtual games like Woozworld

Is Wii considered a video game?

No, it's not a video game, but you can play video games on it.

Can mahjongg be considered as a sport?

No, it could not be considered a sport, just like chess, checkers, and a variety of other board games could never be viewed as a sport.

Why is video games considered to be controversial?

The violence i guess

Are video games considered technology?

i think so.

What type of sport is board games considered to be?

Board games are not sports. They are instead games requiring skill.

Who started video games?

The two people that are considered to have invented video games was Thomas Goldsmith and Estle Ray Man.

Fun things for friends to do together?

Play a sport, video games,or watch T.V.

Can a video game be a sport?

Videos games are considered esports. Currently there is a pretty big competitive scene where people can play against each other for large cash prizes.+1closeclosepinpinsearchminimizeforwardbackViewTextzoomoutzoominzoomin

Can video games be considered exercise?

Depends on if you have stand up or not in the game.

Is bullfighting considered a sport?

yes it is considered a sport

Do sports help kids to stop playing video games all day?

not if its a sport game ;)

Do more kids play video game or sport?

In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.

Is wrestling the oldest sport?

yes and no.... it was in the first olympic games... but people ran first. But Wrestling is widely considered to be the oldest sport.

What was the first sport ever recorded on video?

The first sport that was recorded on video was soccer

What made video games?

You may need to be more specific, but to answer your question there were various electronic devices with displays that people made games for. These were considered some of the first video games.

What sport has the least players on the field?

well it depends how you look at 2 is mostly considered the minimum tennis snooker, but you also have horse riding which has one person and a horse competing one at a time and then again video games could be considered a sport where there are no people involved its all virtual. But if you mean strictly ball games then the norm is about 5 a side football, hockey, basketball, cricket

What is a cyber athlete?

One who plays video games as a competitive sport. Most play in professional tournaments.

Is playing too many video games considered an addiction?

well not playing too many video games isn't an addiciton, its when you play for hours stright

Is volleyball considered a sport?

YES it has all the requirements to be a sport! They have officials refereeing games. They have rules just like any other sport. So yes it most definitely is.