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Windows hosting is the most common application. Rather one is better than the other will depend on your personal preference.

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Q: Is Windows reseller hosting superior to unix reseller hosting?
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What is the advantage to using unix hosting instead of Windows?

Unix web hosting is very reasonably priced and offers tons of other features. Unix can also offer you a domain name and help with setting everything up.

What is the full form of EUnet?

The full form of EUnet is European UNIX Network. It is a web hosting reseller. It was founded in 1982 and is the first international UUCP connection company.

What is unix hosting used for?

Unix hosting is for holding codex for codes that you write for free distribution for computer systems that are generally a lot like Windows or Apple. It allows users to P2P edit and improve codes you've written.

Difference between Unix and Windows and DOS?

Difference between Unix and Dos is that DOS was designed for single-user systems. Difference between Unix and Windows is that Windows works with GUI environments and Unix and DOS does not.

How will Unix hosting help your small business?

Because Unix hosting is free and an open source solution to hosting, it is a good solution to many problems faced by small business owners. You will get the same product and advantages as other hosting, but it is free!

What are the advantages to Unix hosting?

It is cheaper than any windows based servers. There are way more applications, too. The performance is just as well, maybe even better than windows in some cases.

Why does Linux and unix share more commands than windows xp and unix?

Because Linux evolved from UNIX, but Windows evolved from DOS.

What is the difference between UNIX 95 and UNIX 98?

Since there isn't a UNIX 95 or UNIX 98 per se, I think you are referring to Windows 95 or Windows 98..

What is the significance of Windows 7 and Unix services?

tHE QUESTION WAS WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETEEN unix and windows 7, but i did not get the appropriate answer.

Where can you get a Unix shell for Windows?

A Unix shell can be obtained in Cygwin, a Unix compatibility layer used to compile Unix programs and run them on Windows. Microsoft also makes a shell known as "Windows PowerShell" which incorporates more Unix-like features than the standard command prompt.

Unix is less stable than MS Windows?

ms windows is byfar less stable than unix

Similarities between UNIX and Windows?

UNIX is a command-based OS. In contrast, Windows is a menu-based OS.