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Is Xulon Press still doing business?


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February 11, 2010 7:03PM

Yes, Xulon Press is in business. How do I know? Xulon Press published my book and they did a wonderful job. I was published in 45 days and now they are distributing my book to bookstores and on the Internet. Everyone at Xulon Press has been a dream to work with. If you are looking for a Christian book publisher, I highly recommend Xulon Press.

Title-for-title, Xulon Press is actually the largest publisher of Christian books in North America. The original on-demand publisher for aspiring Christian authors, Xulon has helped more than 3,900 authors and printed 150,000,000 book pages. Give them a call today!


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Although, they are known for not paying royalties to their authors. As of October 25th, 2009, they are three months behind in royalty payments. There have also been numerous complaints regarding their royalty tracking.


Xulon Press is a very questionable operation. The first answer is obviously a fake review by one of the employees at Xulon Press. The fact of the matter is that the press is a scam and takes advantage of unsuspecting authors who trust this press because it calls itself "Christian."

At the moment, there are lawsuits against this company because of false advertising, a refusal to pay out royalties, and fraud. There is talk by many unsatisfied customers of a class action lawsuit and a move to have Xulon Press removed from the Christian Booksellers Association.

Before you consider this company read the comments by real customers who have tried its services here at this link: