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No , childhood is from 6-11. 12 years old is practically a teen ,

So a 12 years old isnt a child anymore

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Certainly. For that matter, a 20 year old is still a child.

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Q: Is a 12 year old a child?
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Can a 12 year old child pay rent?

No. A 12 year old is a minor and a child. They can not enter into a contract to rent an apartment.

How much of a child that's age is 12 year?

All of a child that is 12 years old will be 12 years old.

Can a 12 year old babysit a 3 year old in Washington state?

no way!! the 12 year old is just a child like the 3 year old

What is height 12 year old child?


Can you sue your 12 year old child's father for child support?


How long can a 12 year old be left home alone?

it depends on the attitude of that 12 year-old child.. and it depends on that child if he/she is bored.. maybe leave them any gadgets that entertain them =)

Can a 17 year old date a 12 year old The 12 year old is very developed for her age and could easily pass for a 14 or 15 year old?

This is technically Second Degree Child Molestation due to the age of the 12 year old.

Twelve year old boy dating an eighteen year old?

This is illegal. The 12 year old is a minor child while the 18 year old is an adult. If sex is involved the 18 year old can be arrested for child sexual abuse.

Can a 20 year old date a 12 year old?

No. A 20 year old is an adult and a 12 year old is a child and a minor. If sex takes place the 20 year old can be charged with rape and sexual abuse of a minor.

Is 110 pounds a healthy weight for a 12 year old?

it depends how long the child has been 12 and what height the child is

Can a 12 yr old go out with a 16 yr old?

A 12-year old is a CHILD, and even a 16-year old has no business having any intimate relationship with such. The answer is NO.

Is 70 pound to light for a 12 year old child?

Yes but it depends on how tall your child is