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Is a 1972-D penny that is goldish in color worth anything?


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2015-07-15 19:01:43
2015-07-15 19:01:43

Probably not if it is the correct weight. It may have been gold plated for some promotion, but if so, the amount of gold would be worth less than the cost of having it removed and assayed for sale. More likely, the coin has been exposed to some chemical which reacted with the copper and caused it to change colors. It is possible that it was minted on a planchet intended for a foreign coin, in which case it may be worth a few dollars.

Chances are, your coin was used in a common chemistry project some time back. In the project, students essentially plate the copper plating of the penny with an addition layer of zinc (only a couple of atoms thick in some cases) and then heat it, mixing the new layer of zinc with the outermost part of the copper plating. This results in a brass coat on the outside of the panny, making it look golden.


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sadly their is no addec value so its worth 1 penny

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It's may have been plated for use in jewelry, or more likely was used in a high-school chemistry experiment. I forget the details but there's a compound (NaOH2 ?) that reacts with copper to turn it a goldish color. Either way it's not worth anything as a rarity but it makes an interesting conversation piece.

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The US never made a gold penny. For one thing they'd be worth a lot more than 1 cent! You may have a coin that was plated for use in jewelry, or that was exposed to heat or chemicals that changed its color. There are several different high school chemistry experiments that can produce a goldish tint on a penny.

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Anything that costs a penny.

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