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Probably not if it is the correct weight. It may have been gold plated for some promotion, but if so, the amount of gold would be worth less than the cost of having it removed and assayed for sale. More likely, the coin has been exposed to some chemical which reacted with the copper and caused it to change colors. It is possible that it was minted on a planchet intended for a foreign coin, in which case it may be worth a few dollars.

Chances are, your coin was used in a common chemistry project some time back. In the project, students essentially plate the copper plating of the penny with an addition layer of zinc (only a couple of atoms thick in some cases) and then heat it, mixing the new layer of zinc with the outermost part of the copper plating. This results in a brass coat on the outside of the panny, making it look golden.

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Q: Is a 1972-D penny that is goldish in color worth anything?
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How much is a 1972D penny with Kennedy's head on it worth?

sadly their is no addec value so its worth 1 penny

Is a 1974 penny with a gold color and a Utah state on it worth anything?

If it is a penny, then it has to be.

1952 wheat penny that is almost a gold color what is it?

It's may have been plated for use in jewelry, or more likely was used in a high-school chemistry experiment. I forget the details but there's a compound (NaOH2 ?) that reacts with copper to turn it a goldish color. Either way it's not worth anything as a rarity but it makes an interesting conversation piece.

Is there such thing as a 1946 gold penny?

The US never made a gold penny. For one thing they'd be worth a lot more than 1 cent! You may have a coin that was plated for use in jewelry, or that was exposed to heat or chemicals that changed its color. There are several different high school chemistry experiments that can produce a goldish tint on a penny.

What can you buy with a penny?

Anything that costs a penny.

What kind of soda changes the color of a penny?

Coke or sprite will change the color of a penny.

Found a 2002 gold penny do not know if it is really gold but it looks goldish in color Is it worth anything?

The U.S. has never made a gold penny. After all, if you think about it for a few seconds, what sense would it make to mint a coin worth tens or hundreds of dollars and put it into circulation for 1 cent? Your coin has had one of 3 things happen to it: 1. It was plated for use in jewelry. 2. It was exposed to heat or chemicals that changed its color 3. Its copper coating was put on near the end of the useful life of the particular batch of copper. The copper had become contaminated with zinc from the many uncoated coins that came before, which lightened its color. Regardless, it's only worth a penny.

1862 penny value?

1862 penny worth anything

How much is a 1973 gold penny worth?

Regardless of what country it's from, it's worth 1 penny. No country makes gold pennies for circulation because they'd be worth 80 or 90 USD. Your coin was either plated or exposed to a chemical that altered its surface color. There are standard high-school chemistry experiments that react with the copper to produce a goldish tint.

What is the color of the penny?


Value of a 1972-S penny with a gold tint and sticks to a magnet?

A 1972 US cent would be made of solid bronze and have a different color than a new one, but not goldish. If it sticks to a magnet, it is either not real or has been coated with some metal with magnetic properties.

What happens if you overheat a penny during the penny to gold lab?

It changes from the golden color back to a grey color.

How much is a silver penny worth in mint condition and what is a penny from 1967 with a silver front and a goldish looking back?

If by a "silver penny" you mean one of the 1943 steel cents, then in mint condition it's worth a dollar or two. If you mean some other date, then it's silver plated and has no collector value. And your 1967 penny has been altered -- no added value.

If Bill needs a penny andyou have a penny should you give him the penny?

If Bill wants the penny and you don't need it for anything , then i think you should give him the Penny :)

Are Penny insurance policies worth anything?

information re penny insurance

Is a 1986 penny with a D on it worth anything?

It's just a penny, spend it.

Is a 1972 d penny worth anything?

Sorry, but it's just a penny.

What color did libertys face use to be?

THE Liberty's face was copper color (color of a penny)

What was the statue of liberty's usual color?

A color of a penny as it was made of copper.

Penny that the back part is missing is it worth anything?

If the back of the penny is just blank, this penny can be worth a fortune. Have the penny appraised at a coin dealer.

Is a 1981 Australian penny worth anything?

The last Australian Penny was minted in 1964.

Is a 1960 Denver minted penny with small print worth anything more than a penny?

I also have on and I also wonder if mine is worth anything

What is the color of copper metal?

The color of copper is a reddish, orange color (exactly like a new penny).

Why does 1977d penny look gold?

i found a gold penny once. try scratching off the gold, like i did. the color scratched off easily and the result is a normal penny. But i dont know how they make gold pennys, or the reason More Information: A penny can tarnish to a golden hue. The environment it is in can cause it to tarnish different colors. For example, gold color, blue color, black color, shades of red color. A penny could be gold plated but it would destroy its numismatic value.

What is the most valuable wheat leaf penny?

are u talking bout what a penny can buy in most states a penny can not buy anything itself